Kathy Rain: Director's Cut PC Review - Retro Puzzle Gaming Returns I The Koalition

Joe LaRue of The Koalition writes: Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is a point-and-click adventure game originally released by Clifftop Games and the Raw Fury team back in May of 2016. Publisher Raw Fury and developer Clifftop Games describe the Director’s Cut as a re-imagining of the 2016 game and will include an extended storyline, plenty of extra dialogue, and new areas to visit. After playing the game, I noticed some other additions as well such as a remixed soundtrack, larger environments, control improvements, and some visual enhancements.

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rbailey36d ago

A great option for fans of point-and-click adventure games.

Terry_B35d ago

Something that was never away..can not return. You have like 5+ new good Point & Click Adventures on PC per Month at least..and 1-2 of them are always as "retro" as Kathy Rain.