Hello Engineer out now exclusively on Google Stadia

Hello Engineer, a new Google Stadia exclusive game, was released today. This new game is situated in the same world as the award-winning title Hello Neighbor, which is why we recognize a character from another of Tiny Build Riga’s past titles, both in look and mentality.

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Welshy34d ago

I feel bad for any dev roped into Stadia exclusives. Say what you like about PS/XB/PC exclusives, but at least they are all mainstream platforms where you can play 90% of releases, Stadia just doesn't have that and these potentially great games are going to a platform to die.

Jin_Sakai34d ago

Agreed. Anything exclusive to the platform I’ll never play. Such a wasted opportunity considering they could’ve been on PS5 and Series consoles and done much better.

coolbeans34d ago

I get the feeling all of these are timed exclusives though.

Hikoran33d ago

So you've never played any PC game that's not on console? Or never played a console game that's not on PC too? I think some people say things for impact.......

Chocoburger33d ago

I agree and its unfortunate for these devs that possess no foresight. One of the best Stadia exclusive games is Gylt, and I've completed it four times and its a game I know could be a multi-million seller if ported to traditional platforms.

I had a free Stadia subscription and honestly, I had a good time with it (wired ethernet connection), the only thing is that you can not use the internet connection for anything else simultaneously, which is lame.

If you ever get a chance to play Gylt, whether Stadia or otherwise, give it a try.

Knightofelemia34d ago

This exclusive still won't help the sinking ship named Stadia.

Cackocacho34d ago

"... exclusively on Google Stadia."

So, you have chosen death.

jeromeface34d ago

looks like literally no one will be playing this one...