Microsoft Expects Strong Xbox Engagement in The Holiday Quarter After Record Summer

Microsoft expects "strong engagement" and revenue growth for Xbox on the Holiday quarter following record engagement & monetization in Q1.

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darthv7240d ago

I know I plan to do some strong engaging with Forza and Halo this holiday season.

ScootaKuH40d ago

That sounds...wrong somehow 😂😂

dbcoops40d ago

Ah "engagement" is back. Haven't seen them use that PR buzz word in a while. lol

Army_of_Darkness40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

They have their two top franchises coming out this holiday, so expecting a strong engagement rate is a no brainer. So I'd be extremely surprised if the engagement rate ended up being low.

neutralgamer199240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

That's great I'm glad all three are doing great and are growing especially during this pandemic entertainment industry and video game to be more specific has done quite well. It's in the best interest of gaming industry and gamers that all platforms continue to do well and compete with each other because when there is healthy competition there's usually much better quality of content in video games and more checks and balances

I am hoping that the quality continues to grow and keep going up while the level of greed and Micro transactions keep going down "one can hope right"

Sonyslave340d ago

Xbox doing fine but damn Ms as company is crazy made about 20bil in this time frame is dumb.

343_Guilty_Spark40d ago

They are a great long term stock hold. I add some piece of shares every week

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