Here's the Reason Retro Games are so Hard to Beat

Japanese audiences paid for their games and beat them. But Americans would rent the hottest new games, beat them over the weekend, and return them but never actually purchase them. This was a real issue for the publishers and they needed to do something about it.

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Neonridr31d ago

Making a game hard padded it's playtime. Heck so many NES games could be beaten in like 10-15 minutes and these were games that costed like $60-70 at the time.

Stanjara31d ago

He forgot to mention arcade machines at that time where you have to pay money to continue playing... a hard game.

Popsicle31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Not only were arcade games hard, but were completely skewed and cheated against the player. For example in Street Fighter 2 the CPU would do more damage than your character when doing the exact same move, would have a more beneficial hit box, and would have more immune frames than you would.

Have you ever tried to play against the CPU in the arcade version Mortal Kombat II? The difficulty is to the point where the game is not fun unless you playing against a human. The CPU will counter every move you make while reading your joystick and button inputs. Great game, but single player difficulty is insane and obviously meant to swallow your wallet whole.

Teflon0231d ago

Lol, crazy because I did notice this but always thought it was just me. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

Teflon0231d ago

Imagine as a kid I beat Sonic 2 first try? After an hour and a half I'd need a new game. Because it took me weeks on weeks to finally beat, when I did, I felt rewarded and then I'd try to do it again and again until it was easy for me. Did the same for gunstar heroes. Both are extremely easy for me now. But I see people cry that sonic 2 has too much unexpected pits and such lol. Which I scratch my head with because it should be that way imo. Think thats why Kena gave me a refreshing feel. Reminded me of getting to a boss battle as a kid and having to go at it a few times to get the hang and beat. Was the same feel I got in final fantasy XIII despite peoples hate for it. But during the falcie bathaldus or what ever his name lol, the second time not long before pulse. It took me like 2 days of trying for like 5 hours a piece before I beat him. Didn't frustrate me at all. Just kept changing the gameplan and finally beat him and felt rewarded. Was nice because when I finally beat it, a friend was over and we celebrated lmao. Think it's also why games like Demon and dark souls are so loved. That same idea is brought back in them. Same with Returnal and those Rouge games

phoenixwing31d ago

My surprise when they told me you have to die first in Bloodborne. I was just fighting with my hands all that time against the bosses. (Jk obviously)

Rebel_Scum31d ago

I beat Sonic Chaos and Heavyweight Champ on the master system first try. For Heavyweight Champ it was pure beginners luck because I struggled to finish that game everytime after that.