SCEA Responds to Home Technical Problems

CydoniaX, Home Manager for SCEA: "Just to let everyone know, though I've mentioned it in a few threads already, we are working on getting Home up! With any major release, there are lots of unforeseen technical issues that can occur. No, I can't give you exact times on anything. I have no other info than what I just posted."

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DavidMacDougall3602d ago

They should have said nothing about Home coming today or started uploading it today and told people its coming out tomorrow because at this rate thats what going to happen anyway

Jamie Foxx3602d ago

im a beta user and its up and running again so it should be for everyone, turn off your ps3s and turn them on again!!!!

Bennosaur3602d ago

**Edit 8:15pm**

Very sorry about the delay here. The PSN outage really set us back a while but things are picking up again. And apologies for the delay in updates, I had to get home to continue with this. Looks like we're not far off now though.

latest update from the home community manager on the sony forums. I'm assuming that they are still some way off if they are bothering to post another update. Bad times

Teabag3602d ago

The guy went home during this problem?! I imagined hundreds of people sweating, pulliung their hair out and working long into the night.

Not heading home for dinner...

LeonSKennedy4Life3602d ago

That's probably exactly what happened.

I'm suspecting Microsoft has an inside-man there to bug-up the place...

Magnus3602d ago

Well the way things are going i would not be surpised if it is not till next Monday till Home arrives. I just hope they work out the major bugs before relasing it. Socom was relased and the bugs they had I am surprised people still played a great game like that.

Miraak82 3602d ago

And I thought getting a seat for bowling was a pain in the a$$, it gonna be even more impossible now

reelife3602d ago

Will Home be accessible in the ps3 store?

LeonSKennedy4Life3602d ago

It will be! It will also be a big announcement on the news ticker...which nobody actually uses...haha.

I can't see them doing a firmware update. It updated to V1.3 on its own, without a firmware update for me...I'm in the closed Beta.

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The story is too old to be commented.