Players Have A Ton Of Complaints About Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 Games

Controller lag, framerate troubles, and bad button layouts plague Switch Online’s Expansion Pack

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porkChop40d ago

The control scemes are terrible. At the very least, bind A and B to R and L. Then make the face buttons the C buttons. Or, just let us customize them in the N64 app.

whitbyfox40d ago

You can remap the controls in the Switch settings easily.

porkChop40d ago

Yes, but that changes it system wide, then you have to change them every time you play another game. That's not really a solution.

bouzebbal39d ago

Lol I’ll never buy or subscribe to something like this. Only pigeons do

Vanfernal40d ago

That's how Nintendo will get people to buy their overpriced N64 controller lol. That layout makes absolutely no sense.

porkChop40d ago

Not me. I'm not even subbing to NSO.

DarthMarvin40d ago

"At the very least, bind A and B to R and L."

What the fuck? How does that make any sense at all? O_o

porkChop40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

It's not perfect, but at least every button would be bound without needing to hold a trigger to press something.

The current layout is terrible.

whitbyfox40d ago

No need for triggers at all.
The right stick is the C button, same as it was for N64 Zelda’s on Gamecube.
Worked great then, works great now.

gleepot40d ago

The default mapping is fine. A and B are (shocker) A and B, and the right analog are the c buttons (you know, the thing that controls camera movement in modern games?), since c-buttons stand for camera-buttons.

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SimpleSlave40d ago

“Y’ar, thar she blows!”

SegaSaturn66940d ago

Never saw this coming. I thought that the games would run perfectly at 60 fps and internally rendered at 2400p

Stonilein40d ago

The online mode is unplayable lag even makes the audio stutter

iplay1up240d ago

Do you actually own this? Or just talking trash?

Stonilein40d ago

I saw multiple livestreams at launch were people playd with Ethernet connection and friends in the same area, its like the soundtrack turns into nightcore i personaly dont need the Expansion pack i got an nvidia shield tv hihi

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The story is too old to be commented.