LimeWire adds friend sharing feature, still looks for music

What's better than sharing multiple gigabytes of music, videos, and photos with the entire world? Sharing files with just the friends you want, according to LimeWire. A new version of the P2P company's client allows content to be shared only with specific friends you know. But in light of LimeWire's recent clean-up act and attempts to launch a legit music store, an emphasis on content-sharing features may not be the company's best move.

Available from the company's alpha page, LimeWire 5 sports a completely redesigned UI and new, granular options for sharing specific files or types of files with your friends instead of (or in addition to) the entire world. To establish a personal identity for this feature, LimeWire users must add Google Talk (or other Jabber credentials) to a buddy list area in LimeWire's sidebar. Once you swindle talk your friends into installing the new alpha, every piece of media you have can be shared with a specific friend, and you can chat inside of LimeWire to make others aware of what you'd like them to download. You can also select a "collection" of content, such as all of your audio, video, documents, or applications, to share with specific friends.

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