What Can We Expect From Life is Strange 4 and the Future of the Series?

KeenGamer: "With True Colors coming to an end, Life is Strange 4 is inevitably on many fans' minds. Let's discuss and theorise about what the future might hold for the series with Deck Nine now likely developing future instalments, using past and present games."

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Terry_B396d ago

More of the same of course.

Bigman4k395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Facts i was about to type that in myself also too more LGBTQs

ReelBigMike395d ago

Interested in what the new power will be. We've had time manipulation, telekinesis, and empathy. I would imagine it's pretty difficult to think of a new power that isn't boring, but also doesn't immediately turn someone into a full-fledged superhero. True Colors and its DLC were great though. Definitely better than LiS2.