KontrolFreek unveil their new Call of Duty Vanguard Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox and PlayStation

Neil writes: "KontrolFreek and Call of Duty inspired performance thumbsticks pretty much go hand-in-hand. We've had a ton of options become available over the years, but now, as Call of Duty: Vanguard approaches release, we've got some more - the special edition thumbsticks for Xbox and PlayStation, inspired by the iconic Vanguard moniker."

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zacfoldor34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I use one of these. I use the short purple one on the right thumbstick of the PS5. Only needed one, since the right stick is what needs more accuracy, and it feels awkward on the left stick, but bought the set because I'm not sure if they even sell singles. Anyway, the one works great, and is also the setup I've always used on PS4. Adds much more accuracy in fps, and the shorter ones don't feel like a novelty like the mids or taller ones(imo). Good product.