CSM: SPRay review


"The vomiting mechanic, crass as it may be, is undeniably SPRay's primary attraction, and it actually enables some fairly clever play scenarios. For example, the antimatter that covers much of the kingdom is toxic, and the only way players can walk overtop of it is to either clean it away with water or cover it with another of the materials emitted by their angel and devil helpers. Plus, there are lots of simple but engaging puzzles that can only be solved via the spraying ability, such as one in which players must use vomit to blot out a series of eyes engraved on the floor to open a cage door. And some of the enemies we fight -- such as a large, flaming golem -- must be doused with a particular liquid before they can be safely attacked with Ray's sword.

However, clever spraying system aside, the game often feels as though it's been carelessly cobbled together. There are several grammatical errors and typos in the text dialogue, and it's not always clear how certain tasks are supposed to be undertaken. What's more, players are forced to do a little too much backtracking through previously explored areas as they head out on new missions. This adds length, but also dampens the sense of excitement players derive from exploring fresh, new environments. SPRay is a moderately fun game, but it would have benefited from a little more care and content."

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