The Genius of Metal Gear Solid's Opening

Where does Metal Gear Solid rank in the history of great video game opening sequences? This week John and Stace discuss the opening hour of the original Metal Gear Solid (1998), from the initial cut-scene to the Revolver Ocelot boss fight. The sequence is a masterclass of game design, narrative and originality, providing us with numerous concepts and ideas that have gone on to become commonplace across many games. Our discussion of Metal Gear Solid comes ahead of our look at Metal Gear Solid 2 w

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Sniperwithacause33d ago

So way ahead of its time !
Everything from the music to boost the atmosphere is brilliant.

33d ago
PhillyDillyDee32d ago

Ill never forget the feeling of playing this game for the first time when it came out… Kojima man… he’s a legend for a very good reason.

italiangamer32d ago

Best game ever made, impossible to top in my opinion.

32d ago