Nintendo 64 Online Already Having Problems on Switch

Now that people are getting their hands on the Nintendo 64 emulation. It turns out its not actually as perfect as people thought it would be.

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FallenAngel198442d ago

$50 service and they still can’t get it to function

SullysCigar42d ago

Feels like another half-assed cash grab, like their cloud effort.

_SilverHawk_42d ago

Everything about nintendo is a half-baked idea that costs a premium. Nothing to be upset about because logical gamers that are old enough to buy video games knows Nintendo is a rubbish company. Time and time again I see people getting upset about some policies made by Nintendo or whatever and I'm baffled by people continually supporting them knowing Nintendos track record . It's simple really, if you support rubbish you get rubbish. Anyway Nintendo is for children

bradfh42d ago

Nintendo wasnt always a rubbish company. Nintendo was the best console upto N64.

Lord_Sloth41d ago

@bradfh You mean up until they got competition that wasn't SEGA?

neutralgamer199242d ago

This is Nintendo after all don't you remember not a long time ago this word literal cardboard box for $60 and media members and their Fanboys called it innovation. Nintendo is all about self-hype when they're doing well but when they're doing poor we are told they are not competing with any other platform and instead of doing their own thing like the ring N64, GameCube, wiiu but right now switch is doing well so they're definitely competing with other platforms in winning according to Nintendo fans

If I'm coming across as sour "I am" because Nintendo gets a free pass there Microsoft and Sony don't. Nintendo gets away with so much by charging premium and providing bare minimum whereas both Microsoft and Sony provide premium yet media members will call them out over very minor things. It's time to hold all platform holders to the same standard. Like how Nintendo did not want to pay the Blu-ray fee so instead they're using cartridges which means even many of the physical editions require huge chunk of data to be downloaded

I am so glad gaming has Microsoft and Sony because they are the real innovators of gaming industry and are moving the technology forward. Nintendo is still using beefed up PS3 / Xbox 360 era specs in 2021 in switch

They're released OLED and are charging premium yet they did not update the specs at all when they could have easily done that like a mid generation upgrade. And because Nintendo used all that is innovation because let's forget the fact sony used it in Vita long time ago. And on PS3 and PS4 you could use Vita as your portable device and play PS3 / PS4 games on the go with cross buy and cross progress

FallenAngel198440d ago

“Like how Nintendo did not want to pay the Blu-ray fee so instead they're using cartridges which means even many of the physical editions require huge chunk of data to be downloaded”

Realistically how would Blu-Ray be a factor with a hybrid system like Switch? Even Sony went with cartridges with Vita after seeing how discs weren’t the ideal medium with PSP

PhillyDillyDee42d ago

What? Another lazy cash grab? I’m shocked!

As a Nintendo fan I have to ask myself: why am I a fan again? Considering how lazy 3D allstars was, I’m not sure I expected much effort put into their N64 emulator, but I did expect at least some effort given the upcharge.

Snookies1242d ago

Yeah, not paying it. Even if it did work.

CrimsonWing6942d ago

I just don’t quite understand the price hike, is it only pay more to play Genesis and N64 games or are there more features? Because I don’t understand Nintendo if it’s only for VC content.

Neonridr42d ago

for the first year you also get some Animal Crossing DLC that would cost money normally, but that would only apply for year 1 I think. And only beneficial if you actually play that game.

CrimsonWing6942d ago

This company has some big ol' balls. If that's all it takes for fans to support it, I guess more power to them.

badz14942d ago


Nintendo have balls to do this kind of practice because they have a dumb loyal fanbase willing to pay any price for anything Nintendo. can't blame them to nickle and dime their fanbase like this because it seems to work to their favor. capitalism 101.

I hope none of them are bashing Apple's fanbase for letting Apple sell them a piece of cloth for $20 LOL. that would be ironic!

Neonridr41d ago

hey man, I'm a Nintendo fan but I think this is ridiculous. I'm not subscribing to this expansion until they add a heck of a lot more content.

badz14941d ago


I know you're. I didn't mean to specify anybody with my comment and there's nothing wrong with liking Nintendo but putting up to BS like this and even going as far as defending it is a problem. like I said, it's capitalism 101, people need to speak with their wallets. knowingly letting yourself be exploited but still spending money on it means you fail. capitalism is the reason Nintendo is arrogant and exploitative. the fans have only themselves to blame. stop being so easily satisfied and throwing money at them with every little effort put up by Nintendo and they might just put a little more effort.

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