Games to Look Forward to in November 2021

With the holiday season fast approaching, players can expect the usual wave of massive releases.

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Sonyslave337d ago

Lol how can you leave out forza horizon 5 but have blue reflection as a must have game.

porkChop37d ago

I was about to say the same thing. Horizon 5 should be on the list.

Godmars29037d ago

How many other racing games are coming out along with it? What actually makes it a must have?

37d ago
C4rnos37d ago

Just try it when it does come out, most fun you'll have in a racing game if Horizon 4 was anything to judge from- gets the balance of simulation and fun right, enough depth for the enthusiasts and is easy to get into for those more casually into racing.

NeoGamer23236d ago

Probably the fact that Forza Horizon in every iteration has rated at least 85 on Metacritic or higher and Forza Horizon 4 was 92 on Metacritic.

Gee I wonder if this one will be any good given how awesome the trailers and demos have been. Honestly this is probably the ultimate no brainer if you like arcade racers and own an XB.

Godmars29036d ago

Again, it may review well, but unless you're into cars is that game alone going to get you buy a console especially at a point when a console isn't needed to play it?

When the majority measure for its success is going to be user metrics versus Game pass subs, what's the point?

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Snakeeater2537d ago

BF2042 and cod are cool but the rest is garbage. Can’t wait for February and march for the real AAA for my ps5

zacfoldor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

For me it's the opposite. I don't play CoD or BF games, but the rest are interesting. I agree with those above, that Forza is missing. Yes, 2022 is looking solid.

FinalFantasyFanatic37d ago

I'm the same, I don't care that much for COD of BF, but all those other games are on my watchlist, Pokemon remakes, SMT and Blue Reflection.

NeoGamer23236d ago

Wow that is really on topic. If you are a banana peel orbiting mars in a spaceship shaped like an isosceles triangle.

TheColbertinator37d ago

BF 2042 and SMTV will be my main time leeches.

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