What does Silent Hill's poor performance mean?


"The latest Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Homecoming has only seen a US release, but even for a one-region release has performed pretty poorly. This can be simply put down to little to no advertising from Konami and general average reviews.

Here's to hoping the series makes a roaring comeback and changes peoples perception on horror games and encourages developers to take a similar route with deeper storylines with deep characters and stories that are so intricate that you can discuss for years - like the old Silent Hills. That's not to say Resident Evil style shattering heads isn't great fun, we just need the old properly scary games back for a bit of variety."

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jazzking20013599d ago

they make bad games maybe?
game is rented more than it is bough

vitz33599d ago

I means they shouldn't have screwed up and went with a western Dev. Better games=better sales=longer legs.

Heldrasil3599d ago

It looks like a last gen title with some next gen polish. I rented this and wasn't impressed.

cayal3599d ago

nothing wrong with the game.

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