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WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "Neptunia X Senran Kagura is flawed but meets all my expectations. The combat, while fun, is only so when there’s plenty of monsters in an area. It’s for that reason that I can’t help but wonder if a Musou title, much like the main Senran Kagura games, wouldn’t have been better. Then again, with Tamsoft as a developer, I suppose the vision was capturing that Oneechanbara fun. Due to odd choices, such as having skills and dodging tied to stamina, it severely hampers the fast action and undermines that goal. The character portraits are certainly something to behold, and are quite voluptuous – breasts are everywhere. The level design isn’t, however, with bland environments that resemble those from the PlayStation 2 era. With all things considered, these types of games are rarely masterpieces, but they’re certainly experiences. Besides, sometimes it’s interesting to jump into an out-or-the-box title."

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gamer780483d ago

It’s a shame they toned this crossover down though. I’ll wait for mainline entries and see.