Switch update out now (version 13.1.0)

Nintendo has released a new 13.1.0 system update for Switch (with the online Expansion Pack), and the patch notes are now available.

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Deathdeliverer38d ago

Gotta draw the line somewhere Nintendo. You guys are crazy as hell. Super lackluster online and you have the nerve to charge even more for a “expansion”. Even with these old games (some of which are damn good) you would have been better off just selling these games like the virtual console. People talk about Sony arrogance or Microsoft arrogance. This is literally a “our gamers will pay for anything” slap in the face price hike. Sorry Nintendo. You guys can go to hell on this one.

Inverno38d ago

Gotta love how they throw in the Animal Crossing dlc as an extra incentive. It's like they figured they don't gotta put in effort and that they could screw a few AC fans in the process

Deathdeliverer38d ago


I’m telling you. Generations behind in graphics, Internet, hell business as a whole. But never mind all that, we are NINTENDO and we charge what the others charge. Launch games at full price on the E-shop…. I mean my god man the list goes on and on. I’m going to finish scarlet nexus on series X, clear off a little more back log on my PS5 and then I’ll be buying Metroid Dread on my switch. My first full game purchase on my switch since octopath traveler. Like…. it gets no use outside of playing classics for me and it’s damn near like Nintendo knows that.
Underling—“Sir! Our online is ass and people are still complaining about using cell phones and friend codes. However our data shows people DO enjoy using our system for the classics because they avoid the online. What is our price point?”
Level boss— “ Lock the classics behind a paywall and force them to get our online bundled in…. our followers will not let us down. Charge what the others are charging.”

Underling— “But sir… people barely have anything to use the online on!”
Level Boss— “Fool… it’s not about online… hell it isn’t about the games. It’s about our name. It sells itself.”