Three potential reasons why the PC is absent from the Elden Ring closed network test

The Outerhaven writes: Yep, the PC is absent from the forthcoming Elden Ring closed network test. But did you ever wonder why? Well, we sure did and we have three ideas as to why the Elden Ring network test isn't coming to the PC.

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DreadfulHero36d ago

If you're referring to datamining, not necessarily. Releasing anything on the console doesn't stop hackers from getting that information, as was the case from Final Fantasy VII Remake. That demo was only released on the PS4, and people managed to grab story related content from it that happened at the end of the game.

shadowhaxor35d ago

Exactly. Console games can be datamined just like PC games, you just need the hardware to make it happen. There are people out there whose sole purpose is to datamine stuff.