Bloodborne Brought New Life on PSX

Bloodborne is coming to most systems but is unavailable to one demographic in particular; retro gamers. Developer Lilith Walther looks to change this, however.

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neutralgamer199236d ago

Sony needs to announce this as a remaster because so many gamers not just PlayStation but also PC gamers will buy this

Darkborn35d ago

I think it could happen. Not 100% sure obviously, but I think they are trying to put a game on PC to get people ready for the Sequel on ps5. Which means if this comes out or gets announced, could be coming out a bit before the second game.

oldenjon35d ago

If FROM is making the sequel, dream come true. Bluepoint sequel? A real nightmare.

Darkborn35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Why's that? We don't know until it happens. I think it's a real possibility honestly. Bluepoint spent a lot of time, money and resources making the demons souls remake from scratch on a new, better game engine without all the 50 foot lag stabs and all.

Crystal dynamics is masking perfect dark, but there's been nothing but praise there. Why not rare?

oldenjon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Because Bluepoint is a cover band. You wouldn't ask a cover band to write the next Rolling Stones album.

Bloodborne is a masterpiece and pretty much the GOAT. That's why

oldenjon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

BTW, backstabs are your justification? Did you actually play both games? The engine wasn't really scratch, they worked from the original code and made sure it felt and played exactly like the original. It looks better and runs smoother because it's a ps5 game, and it's only a good game because Demon's Souls (2009) is a good game. Fans of the original took issue with some of the liberties Bluepoint took.

Disagrees, use your words. There's no way bluepoint can make a deserving sequel to bloodborne unless it's a collaboration with FROM / Miyazaki. No souls-like has even come close to the quality of FROM's games, so what makes you think a remake studio is going to change that on their first attempt at an original game? That arcade shooter doesn't count.

Darkborn35d ago

I did play both games at launch. I played demons souls at launch day in 2009 and I've played every souls game to include sekiro and bloodborne. Even some of the souls likes. I understand where your coming from but your arguing with the wrong person. I actually liked some of the changes and new MO-cap that bluepoint used. I liked not getting lag stabbed yes. Sony owned the IP and as we saw with demons souls remake, can do what they want with bloodborne too. I'm just saying it could be pretty good, we don't know yet. Demons souls had a huge influence on bloodborne and a lot of it was remodeled similarly in bloodborne to show it. The atmosphere and architecture at similar. This would be the only studio to do it other than fromsoftware, who said they are not making a sequel as of yet. And yes it was a new engine. They did not use the fromsoftware engine but their own engine, remodeled assets, new MO-cap and some new voice acting. A lot of it was redone by bluepoint.

oldenjon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah I just don't get where you're coming from. Bluepoint made a behind the scenes video for Demon's Souls remake where they talk about porting the original code and building their engine off of that. This argument is just not well-considered, and honestly tired of hearing it. Bluepoint had a wealth of content from DeS to DS3 and BB to reference for recreating DeS. I expect FROM-like architecture to be in a remake. Mo-cap and voice acting is referencing the very same combat / movement and using the same dialog, voice actors, etc. etc. etc. Some things are actually lost in the remake. Sound design is particularly jarring and is more like a generic western game than anything FROM has done. Anyways, we're talking embellishments when we should be talking about creating a whole new experience. Writing, level design, combat, atmosphere etc. all has to be original, new and FROM-level quality. Bluepoint hasn't shown they can do that and there's no arguing that point. In reality, no other studio has shown they can do that, so again what makes you think a studio w/ no original track record to speak of can? That's insane.

Darkborn35d ago

And they need to do something to get a track record. I'm just saying, we don't know but if fromsoftware never wants to make a sequel then this is the ONLY studio who would or should make a sequel to bloodborne. I'm not super for it either, I'm just making an arguement that it could be done. I doubt it would come out as a 4/10 or something that you seem to be insinuating.

oldenjon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

So start with low stakes, not the game that just got voted GOAT over at resetera. I don’t care how it reviews personally. It would be super disrespectful. This is the creation Miyazaki is most proud of. Sony really dropped the ball with the original Demon’s Souls. If it weren’t for that, FROM probably would’ve been acquired. Now FROM is doing what they want on their own terms, probably can’t fit BB2 into their schedule rn, and I’m not certain that Sony is patient enough to make the right call. We already have DeSR, and if Sony is listening to its uniformed fans or desperate because of the exclusive/acquisition wars, they might end up doing something really stupid.

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Gamist2dot035d ago

If this released for the PSX 20+ years ago, then the 2017 BB is the remaster.

camel_toad35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

"With the PS5 remaster, proposed sequel and PC port on the horizon, it will be brought to a massive group of uninitiated gamers."

This article talks as if it is a fact that it's coming to PS5 and PC but unless I missed something it's not even confirmed to exist is it? Excluding strong source rumors.

Although I'll be delighted to hear the confirmation.

Rangerman120835d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Honestly, we gotta take the rumors witha pinch of salt. Appearantly, a boxart of the remaster was leaked but it was clearly fake.

Whether it happens or not, for me? I just want Bloodborne running at 60 frames per second lol and photo mode would be nice, considering Miyazaki wanted to add that feature.

camel_toad35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

60 fps is what I've been waiting for since PS5 and since Sony started releasing their games on PC.

Bloodborne has been on my backlog since it came out and the Souls series is one of my favorite series of all time if not THE favorite and I've been gaming since the Atari 2600.

I could play it now but I've just known in my SOUL that a 60 fps version would be out one day so I just keep waiting.