GameSpy: Warhammer Online -- Black Guards and Blazing Suns

If the basic design of the modern MMO is analogous to an amusement park, the most nightmarish portion of the development team's job doesn't even begin until after the game launches. Prior to that, the development team can still make major changes and tweaks without worrying about affecting people who are currently paying the bills. Post-launch, however, that all goes out the window by the incessant demands of the player-base that screams for changes without service interruptions. Extending the analogy, it's like asking the designers of Disneyland to completely re-do the Pirates of the Caribbean while people are still riding it. EA Mythic's Warhammer Online MMO launched this year to considerable critical acclaim but even the game's most ardent supporters won't claim the game itself was perfect. GameSpy sat down with several members of the development team to discuss the launch and the frenzied road to Warhammer Online version 1.1.

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