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Age of Empires IV Review of this long awaited new entry within the RTS franchise featuring epic campaign missions, skirmish action and multiplayer combat to enjoy.

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Darkborn86d ago

In excited to play it in a few days. Relic is a great RTS dev and I'm super ready for company of heroes 3. I played the beta for both games. I just didn't like how the beta for AOE 4 was multiplayer only because I did a 2v2 and my teammate was absolute trash and I got wrecked because I kept having to send armies to protect him.

ocelot0786d ago

One of 2 Microsoft IP's am looking forward to playing.

NotanotherReboot85d ago

Possible GOTY contender alongside Psycohnauts 2 and Flight Sim? :o

Tedakin85d ago

Another Xbox first party game with high scores. I'm not gloating, I'm just not used to seeing Xbox make good games... :)

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