Age of Empires IV: A True Successor | Gamerheadquarters

Age of Empires IV Review of this long awaited new entry within the RTS franchise featuring epic campaign missions, skirmish action and multiplayer combat to enjoy.

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Darkborn769d ago

In excited to play it in a few days. Relic is a great RTS dev and I'm super ready for company of heroes 3. I played the beta for both games. I just didn't like how the beta for AOE 4 was multiplayer only because I did a 2v2 and my teammate was absolute trash and I got wrecked because I kept having to send armies to protect him.

ocelot07769d ago

One of 2 Microsoft IP's am looking forward to playing.

NotanotherReboot769d ago

Possible GOTY contender alongside Psycohnauts 2 and Flight Sim? :o

Tedakin769d ago

Another Xbox first party game with high scores. I'm not gloating, I'm just not used to seeing Xbox make good games... :)

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Review - Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition (Xbox Series S/X) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "It doesn’t matter if you’re playing it on a PC or on an Xbox. Sadly, Age of Empires IV feels like a massive step back when compared to the immense levels of fun, customization and depth offered by Age II, III, or Mythology. Playing it on a controller just adds an unnecessary layer of complexity towards the gameplay, even though I still commend the developers for their impressive efforts. I doubt anyone else would have been able to pull off such task. With that being said, I can’t recommend playing this particular version, or Age of Empires IV as a whole for that matter. Just stick to its much better predecessors."

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Age Of Empires 4 Is Now Available On Xbox And Is Playable On Game Pass

Xbox players can finally enjoy Age Of Empires 4.

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Obscure_Observer103d ago

Hell Yeah!!!


SirBruce102d ago

Mouse and keyboard to the rescue!

Extermin8or3_102d ago

Only taken 2 years lol can't imagine palgibg this with s controller though

OneLove102d ago

You can use mouse and keyboard on xbox

myfathersbastard102d ago

I’ve been playing it. They mapped it pretty well. After the tutorial and an hour of play on my own I’ve got it down pretty quick.

esherwood102d ago

Sucks I’m probably selling my Xbox after hearing about the social credit score bs.

shadowknight203102d ago

Why are people disagreeing? Social scredit scores is full blown communism/dictatorship/ George orweliian. Yall some sick people who really makes the outlook of the future Bleak. Good for you esherwood for taking a stand.

esherwood102d ago

Seems crazy but you get what you wish for, I’m out

chicken_in_the_corn102d ago

Going to download this as soon as I get my Series X set up.


Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition Is Out on GeForce NOW

NVIDIA announced that Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition is now available in the GeForce NOW library. Dordogne was also added to the list.

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