Playstation Home lands on PS3 - Everything you need to know


"Playstation Home has been in development since 2005, with programmers actively working on it for around 18 months. Home is a community-based virtual world with similarities to Second Life. It's exclusive to Playstation 3 owners, and accessible via the Playstation Network. It's free to use, and always will be. Even with a full public release, Home is still in beta, and could be for the duration of its lifetime.

Home has been a long time coming, and could disappoint a lot of people just the very nature of high expectations. I think there'll be a lot of excitement early on as people discover new things to do and see, which will then wane after a few weeks. The big test then will be how often Home is updated and expanded by Sony. If the demand is there, Home could be huge, but its success is far from assured at this present time."

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Eck03596d ago

How am i suppose to download it.. if there is no icon to start..

I_am_rushin3596d ago

It was said you have to restart your PS3 for it to appear.

user94220773596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It should come soon (Hopefully)

I bet sony will even delay the public beta.

Eck03596d ago

it says.. the HOME icon should appear in the XMB.. and then it should start the DL.. but i dont have a Home icon.. im waiting on it.. hope sony didnt push it back again

PotNoodle3596d ago

The icon will appear on your XMB, click it and it will ask you to download it like [email protected]/life with playstation.

Just keep checking the forums, they ran into some technical problems during the testing but are still saying it should be out today.

ThatArtGuy3596d ago

It will "switch" on under the Network tab when the servers are up. It's the next icon up from the store.

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The story is too old to be commented.