Unit Sales of Hardware (Since April 2006)

Here is an official posting by SONY of their worldwide PS3 sales as of the end of the 2nd quarter, fiscal year 2008.

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Nathan Drake3597d ago

With Gran Turismo 5,Heavy Rain,White Knight Chronicles,Killzone 2,and Uncharted 2 headlining Sony's 2009,it appears the Ps3 business will be a-ok in 2009.

And of course,2010 awakens the beast of the action genre

Nineball21123597d ago

So when can we expect Microsoft to release their numbers, do you think?

With the higher price point, these are very good numbers the Sony has put up.


And remember the ps3 has not had its price cut.

creeping judas3597d ago

are you sure the PS3 hasn't had any price cuts yet??

Anton Chigurh3597d ago

By the end of 2010 , we will move to the next generation

on topic

pretty good sales indeed and please $ony bring 8 days back

ultimolu3597d ago

That's pretty damn good in the space of two years.

cmrbe3597d ago

There has been no price cut for the PS3 this year. Even with the two price cut last year the PS3 is still twice as expensive as the x360 and 100 more than the launch price of the PS2.

Aquanox3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

As you can see in the report, Sony's Fiscal Year end in March 31. Didn't the fact that there was no PS3 in the market before Nov 2006 give you a clue?

This includes PS3 sales all the way since October 2006 to the end of September 2008. Sony's Fiscal Year end in March 31.

Just for the record, this is 1 million inflated compared to VgChartz, similar to what happens with Microsoft official numbers.

pansenbaer3597d ago

Aquanox, are you even trying to make a point? I've read over everyone's comments that you are replying to and I can't seem to figure out what exactly you're trying to prove! This chart shows lifetime sales of the PS3. From launch until September 30th 2008. The numbers put them at 16.84 millions worldwide units. Now from Q1 and Q2, the PS3 has seen a year over year increase of nearly 100% each quarter from 07 to 08. Now if we were being optimistic and said the same for Q3 of this year (Oct. Nov. and Dec) that would mean they would have sold 9.8 million for that quarter alone. Obviously, that most likely did NOT happen. But even saying there was NO increase puts them at 4.9 million in Q3, upping their total console sales to 21.74 million. Microsoft is claiming they will hit 25 million by years end. Which means that 5 to 6 million gap just shrunk to 3.26

Oh and when you copy your post into the open zone, make sure you don't copy it twice...

na2ru13597d ago

I think you just got your a** owned by pansenbaer.

lol you only copy and paste once btw haha. And good analogy pansenbaer

mint royale3597d ago

He was responding to the original poster who mistakenly thought that the article hadn't counted the last 6 months of sales because it counts up to Q2. However Q2 to sony is up to septmeber.

And Pansebar a big LOL at those made up figures. I think the ps3 will make 20 million by years end but the 360 will be miles over 25 and closer to 28 million. MS never said they would only sell 25 million it was just a random figure.

However truth is we won't know until the companies release their next figures mid january but I'm sure the 360 will be at least 8 million ahead by then as the ps3's price and the world economy just isn't mixing.

acedoh3597d ago

to complain about. Selling that well at a base $400 price is pretty impressive. SONY took a calculated risk by not dropping the price for the holiday season and they can still see light at the end of the tunnel. We will see what their strategy is come this time next year.

SL1M DADDY3596d ago

So it is safe to say that they will hit 20 million by the end of December. That's pretty good considering the price point. Kudos Sony.

gaffyh3596d ago

16.84 million not counting the last 2 Quarters is pretty good. By contrast VGChartz has the number at 17.88 million counting all quarters (so it's pretty obvious that that's wrong)

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drewdrakes3597d ago

I would appreciate it if the people posting stories knew how to write in English.

"Here is an official posting by SONY of there worlwide PS3 sales as of the end of the 2nd quarter fiscal year. "

It is "their" not "there". I learned this in grade 3.
"worlwide" is also a very nice word...
"2nd quarter fiscal year" makes no sense. "Second quarter of this fiscal year" would work much better.

Just a thought.

DavidMacDougall3597d ago

Shut up grammar nazi!! You understood it enough to correct it so it can't be that bad

r2kcipher3597d ago

great contribution!!


why don't you report it instead. your comment will be pointless when the issues are fixed.

just a thought.

drewdrakes3597d ago

My only regret is passing grade 3.


U forgot to add god of war 3.

heroicjanitor3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You don't know how to spell worldwide. The guy in the article spelled it right you spelled it wrong twice so stop being an idiot who tries to look smart. What matters is what they are saying not a bunch of grammar errors he could very well be from a non-english speaking country in which case he knows more languages than you so shut up


I am talking about this year.

drewdrakes3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

heroicjanitor - Notice those things called quotation marks? Ya thats what that guy wrote...meaning HE'S the one that spelled worldwide wrong. But thanks for pointing out my flaw :)

I guess I'm a better smart ass than you thought. Its my fault really. Ill provide full citations next time.

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r2kcipher3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

i want to see the official sales for the 360.. it would be great if some one can find that.

BIGBOSS083597d ago

last we heard from microsoft it was 22 million wasnt it? but comparing both ps3 and 360 in the same time frame, ps3 is pummeling it! hell it aint even that far off the ps2 in the same time period. good numbers for sony but sales dont mean anything to us, i dont care how much it sells cause for me ps3 is just awesome. i love the thing!

ps3king3597d ago

Ps3 is pummeling the 360???

You must mean tumbling.

PS3 is no where near the PS2s success in the same time period. Ps2 had almost 50 million after just over 2 year. 17 million is bananas. Ps3 should have 50 million.

Original Xbox had 13.7 Million sold in that time frame. GOOD for SONY, they are just slightly better than the original xbox in sales in the relative same time frame.

TheExecutive3597d ago

Since you know the PS2 numbers within the same timeframe, care to share them?

It is doing better than the 360 within the same time frame. It isnt pummeling it but it is beating it. But I will be waiting for the numbers from the first 8 quarters for the ps2.

SL1M DADDY3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I couldn't let this one slide. lol

50 million PS2's were not sold in the first two years of it's life cycle. That is the biggest lie I have heard on N4G in a long time. lol

The PS2 was roughly at 24 million sold around the last month of it's initial two years out. The PS2 was release in March of 2000 and as of March of 2002 the PS2 had shipped 28 million and sold reportedly 24 million.

The PS3 at the end of this year will be around 20 million and had far more factors working against it. The PS2 released at 299, the PS3 at 599. The PS3 had the Xbox 360 and the Wii to compete against and the 360 had already been out for a year and had a good library already established. The PS2 had the DC and the GC to fight against and we all know how that ended. Sorry, but utter lies like you are spreading are making you look pretty stupid bud. Try being less of a liar and gain some respect here.

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Darkseider3597d ago

Based on the trend showing from same quarter 2007 to 2008 they should sell approx. 9 - 9.5 million more units by the end of their fiscal year. Lowballing it at 9 mil would give the PS3 an installed base of 25.84 million units by the end of March 2009. Not too damned shabby at all.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3597d ago

Considering 99% of the internet has been trying to bring SONY and the PS3 down :-/
HA!!! HA!!! xBot Zombie Cavemen Lemmings on this!!! YOU LOT FAILED!!! ;-D

Aquanox3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Need to learn a bit about Companie's Fiscal Years.

As you can see in the report, Sony's Fiscal Year end in March 31. Didn't the fact that there was no PS3 in the market before Nov 2006 give you a clue?

This includes PS3 sales all the way since October 2006 to September 2007.

As you can see in the report, Sony's Fiscal Year end in March 31. Didn't the fact that there was no PS3 in the market before Nov 2006 give you a clue?

This includes PS3 sales all the way since October 2006 to the end of September 2008.

Just for the record, this is 1 million inflated compared to VgChartz, similar to what happens with Microsoft official numbers.

PimpHandHappy3597d ago

the interent will never bring anything like Sony down

you know more then i

Sony is good at what they do

25million install base in 2.5 years is very impressive when you consider they had to go up against 2 other game systems!

oh wait this is open zone

the 1st xbox took over 4 years to get 25million units sold!

Aquanox3597d ago

What are you guys talking about. Sony themselves say 16.8 million by the end of September 2008 and somehow people is talking about 25 million by early 2009. I don't know how is this going to happen with this trend.

By the way, according to VgChart, Microsoft has just surpassed PS3 sales Worldwide Year to Date.

PS3: 6.9M
Xbox 360: 7.0M

And that's barely including the first week of December!

cmrbe3597d ago

VG is crap. Even when they said the PS3 was leading this year i still don't believe them. They can never be trusted.

pansenbaer3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

As crappy as VG Chartz is, you're numbers are off from what I get. If you go to Chartz > Hardware Table > then select PS3 > 1st week ending: 05 Jan 08 and last week: 06 Dec 08 > you get 9,023,048

If you do the same with the 360, you get 8,990,077

A whopping difference of 32k! Like I said, everyone knows this site is crap, and these discrepancies prove it.

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Kinetix3597d ago

Doesn't Matter. For me the Ps3: Best purchase ever made.

Wildarmsjecht3597d ago

They're actually pretty good.

The PS3 official first quarter was Quarter 3 of 2006, in which for the year they sold 3.6 million unit.s

In 2007, they sold a total of 9.2 million units.

In 2008, before the actual 2 year anniversary, they've sold so far 3.99(just about 4) million units. That means since Q3 of 06, they've sold about 16.6 Million, just under 17 million. When we get the data for the 3rd quarter, we'll see officially how much they've sold in 2 years. Judging by the pattern, each year they've sold around double the units per quarter. With Q3 being the biggest quarter for them in 2007, it's not far fetched to assume that they'll have more than their previous 4.9 million unit sales data. Would it be double that? Perhaps, but even if its stagnant at the 4.9 million yet again, that would mean for 2008 after Q3, over 20 million PS3s have been sold in its 2 years. When averaged out, it really isnt bad no matter what many would like to imply, given the factors against it. (Price, earlier hesitation to blu-ray adoption, HD-TV, etc.)

DiabloRising3597d ago

Dammit Frink, what did I tell you before about using logic and common sense and being unbiased around here?!?! ;-)

Wildarmsjecht3597d ago

Hah, I know, Logic is uncommon around these parts. Still, It was an interesting enough data sheet for me to comment and answer a question :P

ultimolu3597d ago

He can't help it Onslaught. :D
Logic follows him everywhere.

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