God of War PC Port Being Developed By New Studio

It appears that the God of War PC port is being worked on by a new Vancouver based studio called Jetpack Interactive.

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InUrFoxHole42d ago

I remember when some were arguing sony games were never going to come to pc. Now it's just a matter of when they will come day 1? This is excellent for gamers. Gaming has been growing like crazy.

dbcoops42d ago

I remember when people did nothing but belittle and put down Sony's first party exclusives for being, "story driven, third person, over the shoulder camera, cinematic, action games filled with QTE's". Now those people can't wait for those very same games to come to PC so they can play them. smh

Never, they will never come day 1.

chronoforce42d ago

They won't all come day 1 but some definitely will. Nixxes used to work alongside other teams to bring ports of games on day 1. If there is any team that would be able to assist development by providing day one ports it's them.

GameZenith42d ago

Why does it matter to you or any PS owner if a game comes to PC day 1? How does say.....Spiderman 2 coming to PC day 1 affect your experience on PS5?

This is a win-win for the gaming community.

And yet I assure you this post will get many downvotes.

Darkborn42d ago

@gamezenith it does affect our experience because Sony games are known for quality. It's a really good team and in most cases, multiple teams working on one version of a game. It makes the game have less bugs and run better. They are able to achieve the crazy graphics and optimization because of that. Thats how it affects us.

Nakiro42d ago

It's a complicated discussion.

Does putting the game on PC day 1 affect the Playstation gamer? Not directly.

Does putting the game on PC day 1 affect Sony? Yes, without a doubt it does.
Even in the case where someone is just to buy that same game on Steam instead of the PS Store, they already lose %30 of the revenue. Fortnite has made Sony more money than some of their own exclusive games. They worked decades to build that fanbase but still the effort they had to put to get Fortnite onto Playstation was minimal.

This is a complex discussion and what I mentioned here is just a small portion of the whole thing, I don't think discussing everything is viable in the comment section.

The reason I mentioned is also one of the reasons as to why there's a good chance we won't see Sony release games day 1 on PC.

ocelot0742d ago (Edited 42d ago )


It wouldn't effect me personally. In fact it would make things cheaper for me. As the day 1st party games release day one on PC is the day I sell my PS5.

Not because am throwing my toys out my pram in a temper. But because why would I need a playstation anymore. Why would I need to pay for PS+ when MP is free on pc.

Why would I pay £70 for a first party game on ps5 when it would be £10-£15 cheaper on pc.

But right now it looks like Sony is just releasing a couple year old games for full price to PC players.

SinisterMister42d ago

That's why being neutral about everything always pays off. It's not like Microsoft or Sony will make you their brand ambassador if you become a keyboard warrior for them. Bide your valuable time elsewhere folks.

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tay870142d ago

yah xbox fans like to pretend games like god of war and horizon are over rated hack and slash games, yet when they get the chance to actually buy it, all of the sudden its. "nice i get the definitive version, no reason to buy a ps5" lol. yah but you had to wait 3-4 yrs to play the same game i platinumed yrs ago. i highly doubt sony is going to put any new games day 1 on pc going forward. my guess is they will probably shorten the wait time to around 2 yrs.

tay870142d ago

@GameZenith. dude if you want to play sony games just go buy a playstation or be prepared to wait yrs to experience it. sony is a gaming company they arent going to sacrifice game console sales to get some extra day 1 software sales for a game. putting playstation games for sale day 1 on PC eliminates the need for a playstation. they arent going that route, it is their most profitable arm of the company.

42d ago
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neutralgamer199242d ago

I think for a long time Sony's strategy was buy our hardware to play our software. Under Jim Ryan it has changed. But we are long time away from PlayStation exclusives coming to PC day one. Could there be some exceptions especially for multiplayer games yes but most Blockbuster storage driven games will not come to PC day one and instead will take sometimes years to come to PC

Sony's strategy is still not that different they still want people to buy a PlayStation because when someone buys into their hardware and sign up for PlayStation plus they become part of the ecosystem and they can make more money from that gamer than simply releasing a game on PC

Also Jim better hope this works out because if this hurts the PlayStation brand he will not only get fired he will be looked at as one of the worst CEOs in PlayStation simply because of his decision making ( his legacy is riding on this)

Xbox is different because Microsoft does not depend on Xbox to turn a profit while Sony is much more like Nintendo where they depend on their own hardware to make money

And you are right gaming is growing like crazy but what's growing even faster is the Greed from the publishers just look at how much money they are making yet they're still raising the price of games to $70. During the pandemic people stayed home got stimulus checks spent a lot of money on entertainment yet these publishers even after that $70 still want to include Micro transactions to single player games

Eonjay42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I disagree about the greed angle though. If its costing near $200 million to make a AAA game, they still need to sell nearly 3 million copies at $70 to turn a profit. So increasing the price is merely an attempt to make something/anything on these AAA games. Releasing on PC is just an attempt to extract more reveune for their development efforts. Greed comes from things like microtransactions which pull in far more money than games sales.

neutralgamer199241d ago


Vast majority of AAA Blockbusters cost under $100 million so I don't know where are you getting your figure of 200 plus million. A lot of people have this misconception GTA v did not cost $250 million to produce that budget included vast sum of money that was spent on advertisement

But I would say 90% of AAA Blockbusters cost well under $100 million. Most AAA Blockbusters are between 40 and 70 million which is still a lot of money

outsider162442d ago

"I remember when some were arguing sony games were never going to come to pc."

This was under a different leadership i guess so who knows...maybe just the future under a new leadership pc gamers could get their wish.

Like dbcoops said..people that called sony games "the same old third person game" now can't wait to play it day 1. Lmao.

GameZenith42d ago

Interesting how you are getting downvoted.

Eonjay42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

No the original argument was that you didn't need an Xbox if you had a compotent PC because they were releasing day and date and you don't have to pay for Xbox Live to play multiplayer on PC. The difference here is that Sony has not shown any willingness to release day and date on PC. And Sony's games are selling so much on PlayStation that its does not make rational sense to forgo the PS+ memberships which is their real cash cow.

TheRealTedCruz42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

But "never" and "day one" are both extremes that are unrealistic. I'm assuming much smaller windows. 6 months to a year sometime down the road. Day one on PC may be realistic for smaller titles, specific deals with Steam/Epic, or experimental titles they're questioning on the viability of.

But I do believe we are going to see an abundance of Sony titles, and far more often.

Just my take.

Hofstaderman42d ago

More like a matter of if....

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SinisterMister42d ago

God of War coming to PC is good news. At the end of the day, we are all gamers, but unfortunately, many people don't seem to get that. Can't wait for Ragnarok!

Perjoss42d ago

Yep, a Sony fan and an Xbox fan have waaay more in common with each other than they do with the companies they love to defend and argue over. Jim Sterling said it very well in his latest video about the 1-way relationship between a gamer and the company they buy their console from. You're literally just a wallet to them and that's ok because that's just how capitalism works, but a lot of fans really don't understand this.

Michiel198942d ago

thats the relationship of a consumer with 99% of the products they buy, has nothing special to do with gaming in particular.

Nakiro42d ago

That's a pretty poor take in my opinion.

I think you could make a case that Sony and Xbox fans have more in common with each other than people that love rock climbing or some other hobby so we should be kind to each other. In the grand scale of things you have more in common even with the competition of your favored console than most other people in the world simply by virtue of both people enjoying video games.

The 1-way relations is a totally ridiculous idea. They are giving you something in return for your money, you're not just throwing money at them for nothing.

I became a Sony fan when they consistently delivered product that I enjoy. I don't think the competition offers as much for me personally. It is alright to be a fan of something, people treat it as a taboo in gaming because rabbid fanboys of any kind are the worst.

I think it's great more people get to play God of War.

GameZenith42d ago

Only a matter of time until PC gets PS games on day 1.

Eonjay42d ago

Most don't see that happening but the reality is that even now you are getting more bang for you buck by getting it on cosole. Especailly with PS5/XBox Series X consoles, you are getting 2070+ performance for a fraction of the price. Especially with the $399 all digital PS5, you will NOT be able to build a similar spec PC for the $400. Its just not going to happen. A 2070 by itself will cost you at least $600 USD.

The point of providing a cheap console is that it allows Sony to sell more software and services. This doesn't, however, mean that Sony should ignore the PC market to maximize its profits. There is no reason to leave that much money on the table.

Horizen ZD sold 716,000 copies in its launch month on PC. At $50 on Steam thats $35 million dollars. Even after paying Steam platforming fees thats still a lot of money. Expect God of War to blow that out of the water. Layden suggested that the biggest barrier to AAA game development is the raw cost of producing these high end titles. Everything that they can make back is only a boost to the developers which is what we all want.

Its also why Sony wants more multiplayer titles. This will ensure that you don't see day and date release on PC because the Sony wants you to play them on PSN so you can pay for PS Plus. its more profitable to Sony NOT to relase day and date on PC. Pretty simple. And Horizon (already 3yr+ old when it released on PC) is selling for what I would call a premium on Steam. Sony's strategy is very clear to see.

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Sieg41d ago

Some people just want to gatekeep on an IP that doesn't belong to them. God of War IP belongs to a corporation. Not by the consumers. Sony can put it on whatever platform they want and they don't care if PS fanboys like it or not. They are a business, not your friend.