World War Z dev: "no such thing as an impossible port", higher powered Switch not needed

Dmitry Grigorenko, lead game designer on World War Z at Saber Interactive, talks about ports and Switch from a hardware perspective.

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zahdab43d ago

maybe they dont need to port their games but consumers are asking for it ... with mobile technology advancement we should be getting way better fidelity games and we're stuck on aging technology. seeing what switch emulators make Nintendo games look like at 4k it's such a shame Nintendo keeps their teams' creativity within the bound of cheaper technology.

dumahim43d ago

Sure, it's likely not impossible, but at some point the sacrifices that need to be made are going to make it not worth it. Imagine trying to get something like Cyberpunk running on the Switch (bug issues aside).

instantstupor43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

A bit disingenuous to say, given no one could port this game to something like the NES lol.

Now, I know what he's saying. And I mean, even on PC there is a minimum specification, so there are limits in terms of how low they are willing to go for the game to still look & play the same to achieve their vision. Obviously you could continue to cut a game down to make it run on weaker and weaker hardware, but at some point you'll hit enough limitations that it would require significant extra development to make it work. And at some point it would really more resemble a "de-make" than a port, but I'll also concede that I'm really just being more pedantic than is really necessary here :-p

z2g42d ago

that may be technically true, but as some Switch ports have taught me is that just cuz you can, doesn't mean you should. Theres a point when the quality bar does more harm than good.