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CCG write - "Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ is a fine addition to the Darius series, and a great game for any shoot 'em up fan. I enjoyed it immensely playing solo – and with friends it's even better. Morally it's squeaky clean, unless blowing up aliens that look like spaceships (or space fish) is a problem for you. While the $39.99 asking price may seem steep, when you consider all of the game modes available, it's really a reasonable asking price for a game that keeps on giving. If anything, if you play games on a PS4 or Windows PC, your choice is harder – Chronicle Saviors costs more, but you get a lot more content, too. That game's CS Mode includes 186 additional levels, on top of the entire AC EX game (as mentioned, the Event Mode levels are not present). If you don't have access to a PS4 or PC, and only game on a Switch, then it's a no brainer – Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ is a ton of fun to play, and worth every penny. Highly recommended!"

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