The Current Destiny 2 Model Isn’t Sustainable Long-Term

The current Destiny 2 Model that they have been using recently for Beyond Light and the latest Witch Queen expansion simply isn’t sustainable in its current form.

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OG_TK_Cole39d ago

I agree with this article 1000%

Ethereal39d ago

Yup. Wish they would have just kept building on the original D2 to a point and just released D3. Hearing that they are cycling out old content blows. I can't even play the Red War campaign anymore and soon to be the Forsaken campaign. Bah. They would have kept me buying new games but at this point, I've moved on to other stuff. Glad people are still enjoying it though.

instantstupor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yeah, sunsetting/vaulting is super awkward. If the whole game was free to play, sure, do what you like. I'm sure there are instances where keeping all that content active creates certain balance headaches, and makes it harder for new players to even know what to play. But to take away things people paid for is pretty indefensible.

And then to turn around and continue to ask people to not only pay for things each season, but gate more of it off in higher-priced editions with vague promises of alternate purchasing options - especially after messages from the company about how the Metaverse would help pay for the game - it's all just a mess. From a logistics standpoint, from a value standpoint, from a moral standpoint, and even just from a clarity standpoint. Woof.

Ethereal39d ago

Well said. I personally enjoyed the campaign offering at launch and eventually the Forsaken campaign but knowing those are gone does put a sour taste in my mouth for exactly the reason you mentioned; I paid for that content. The physical copies I own basically act as a key to allow me to play which is a bummer.

It is sort of par for the course with this franchise though. As much as I enjoyed it, I really was hopeful Bungie was going to get the game free and double down on it being a FPS MMO (which they have done) but not at the cost of loosing everything. Now it just seems like an expansion loot grind only to have all that content, and gear sunsetting for the next shiny carrot. What's the point in the long run? Honestly, it has just been converted into a money syphon now and one could argue the formula was always that way but it seems even moreso these days. Again, would have much rather had individual releases with expansion content that would allow them to continue to iterate from release to release. Same classes, same enemies reskinned, rinse, repeat. It really is a bummer. Thankfully there isn't a lack of things to play.

darkrider39d ago

They must stop. Launch a new game, new races, new weapons.

Npugz739d ago

A lot of the hardcore people would be pissed after dumping hours and hours unlocking stuff to have it all disappear. I don’t think they need a D3 they just need to change up how they are introducing new content to the game. And up there production value in the campaign. More cinematic action moments and sets. The world feels dead and bland. Maybe add wildlife as well that could attack you.

D3TH_D33LR38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I don’t get this argument. They literally reset your gear and your light every season while adding new gear to chase while even possibly sunsetting gear you did take the time to earn, therefor wasting your time. This game needs a sequel and their current way of handling new content is honestly a joke

Npugz739d ago

They need to add a bunch of new races to the game to shoot I’m tired of killing vex cabal and exc.

Kuma38d ago

Yeah I also agree 100%. I have been a player since day one. It is. By far the most compl8cated game out there and the the most expensive but I still love it.

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