Xbox’s Edge browser will soon support GeForce Now

Death Stranding and more will be playable on Xbox consoles.

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Jin_Sakai37d ago

So you will be able to play Death Stranding, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and God of War on Xbox now? What a time to be alive.

VersusDMC36d ago

Is it interesting? You have to buy the games on PC to be able to stream it on your Xbox. Through the browser.
And Horizon and Days Gone aren't even on Gforce Now. Only third party games like Death Stranding and Kena.

darkrider36d ago

Not really. Microsoft gamers don't like Sony games. They say they are all copy paste 3 person games... I've read that for years in the comments.

iplay1up236d ago

I am mostly an Xbox gamer, but love quite a few Playstation games. When I first got my PS4 2 years ago, I played all of the heavy Playstation hitters. I even bought PSVR.

I am still buying a PS5.

36d ago
TheRealTedCruz36d ago

Looks at gaming PC.
Looks at Gamepass open on the screen.
Notices the PS5 sitting on the TV stand.

I'll take BS said after spending too much time playing the dumb console war with people who take gaming far too seriously for $500, Alex.

EmperorDalek36d ago

The few people who say their games are "copy paste" exaggerate, usually because they don't like PlayStation in the first place. But most of their major PS4 games were fairly similar in genre; third person, story driven action games. I think it's highlighted by how much inspiration God of War took from The Last of Us.

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gravedigger36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Nope. Death Stranding is blocked. Guess by who? You think that Sony should alow their own games on Xbox, just like that??

KillBill36d ago

Supposedly comments have been made that Death Stranding has been locked out of the Xbox feature. Though a person from Russia says they are able to gain access via his browser. (note it is in pre-alpha stages right now)

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MrNinosan36d ago

This would be cool, if it wasnt because of the streaming through a already non-perfect browser through a console.

As we already today tend to stay away from streaming through XCloud and PSNow, I doubt it would be better through the internal web-browser. 🤔

DJStotty36d ago

"The service, which Nvidia claims can outperform an Xbox Series X, allows players to stream a selection of their PC library with extremely low latency."

Not much latency needed to stream games, ill pass judgement once i try it rather than trying to claim it as a fail before trials.

marioJP8736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

-Dolby vision
-Dolby Atmos
-Quick Resume
-Boost mode on older games
-Streaming Stadia and GeForce Now via browser
-Emulation of old systems
What don't Xbox Series do? 😍

Definitely gonna keep looking for a Series X to put next to my PS5.

marioJP8736d ago

Oh, that feature that has never been successful. Yeah, true.

Kurt Russell36d ago

True, it's an odd choice to not include Windows Mixed Reality support and just let 3rd parties develop the hardware.

EvertonFC36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"What don't Xbox Series do?"
VR and AAA 1st party titles

TheRealTedCruz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

So what are people like you going to pivot to when all these studios start releasing titles, yet you still want to MS bad everything?

Powerful hardware.
Great online service, and the best value game subscription had.
Awesome BC support for years now.

If I didn't have a gaming PC, Xbox would be a no brainer for me and definitely the console I'd grab first, just based on what it offers, and knowing they have a lot of games coming down the pipeline from developers I really enjoy.
And I'm someone who has day oned Playstation for a few generations now.

Zeref36d ago


They will never accept good games from Xbox. They will always find a way to move the goalpost.
It's pointless to argue with them.

marioJP8736d ago

I like gears and halo.
And when I'm not gaming on Xbox, it's either on my PS5 or GTX 3070 PC. Catch up!

dbcoops36d ago


"when all these studios start releasing titles,"

How many more times are we going to hear that statement? Seriously you guys have been saying that for ages now.

TheRealTedCruz34d ago


Do you honestly believe they'd spend billions in acquiring quality, award winning studios, announce multiple big name titles, revive much asked for past ip ... to do nothing?

You're make believing we're still in the early years of the Xbox One. Guess what, we're not. They've done an entire 180. I'm going to love the mental gymnastics on display just a little down the road.

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Babadook736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"What don't Xbox Series do?"

Anything significant that PS5 can't.
And it 'don't do' 3d audio equal to PS5

Zeref36d ago

Got any proof that Dolby Atmos isn't as good as "3D Audio" on PS5?

Babadook736d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Atmos vs Tempest is apples to oranges. It is likely that someday you could run Tempest through Atmos. The point I referred to is this; can you think of an Xbox game that simulates full environmental audio bounces like Demons Souls Remake? The best examples on Series X are very last gen compared to this.

And to my ears, through my amp, ps5 has the best virtual 3D effect. It depends on the utilization but all in all ps5 has the most accurate and immersive representation.

Sayai jin36d ago


Through my ears, of which I am a audiophile with 3 surround aound setups in my main house, they both have trade-offs. Defnitely not last gen sound woth atnos. I play my PS5 and Xbox in the same locations and I find the 3D virtual sound better on Atmos in certain situations and Tenpest Audio beterr in others. These rooms all have sound proofing and high-end audio components, not the kind you just buy in stores.

marioJP8736d ago

Dolby Atmos.
VRR (let's wait for PS5's update on it)
Quick Resume with 2 different games.
15 games that support 120hz 🤣

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annoyedgamer36d ago

PC would be a smarter option. You get all that and more and dont need to pay for online.

marioJP8736d ago

Already got that with a GTX 3070 GPU

marioJP8736d ago

Lots of butt hurt fanboys on this post and I don't give a damn because I'm a multi Plat gamer and don't need to argue with people who can only afford one console.
My comment stands. You all brought up PS5 in comparison because of guilt of it not currently possessing what I have named. 🤣
Stay with your one console.

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SPAM-FRITTER-12336d ago

Only 2 true gaming devices needed..PC and switch. Seen as PC has MS games pass and now Sony are slowly moving over to PC. What a time to be alive.

Babadook736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Getting Sony first party games years ahead (and third party greats like FF7R) is the way to go. Better price per spec preferable too.

Petebloodyonion36d ago

It seems like a neat feature but honestly how many ppl will subscribe or buy the PC version of Death Stranding or God of war so they can stream it on an Xbox console?

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