The GTA Trilogy Remasters Look Great, But Shouldn’t Replace The Originals

Rockstar’s original PS2-era GTA games are effectively disappearing from stores

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LucasRuinedChildhood43d ago

It's a bit messed up that the PS2 and Xbox originals were removed. I want to try out these remasters, but the originals should still be preserved and available for those who want them. They were some of the most important games ever made.

If they were afraid that people would accidentally buy the wrong version, idk, perhaps they should have just removed the option to buy the originals but added them to your library if you buy the Definitive Edition.

PhillyDillyDee43d ago

I like that you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt even though we all know the real reason they were removed. This isnt meant as a criticism of your comment btw. I just appreciate a positive outlook sometimes, even when the reality is evident.

JEECE43d ago

The problem is if they did the latter option, there would be people who would play the old versions and not understand that they weren't playing the remasters. Remember all the people last year playing the PS4 version of PS5 games on their PS5s and not knowing, despite the fact that the UI indicated in bold letters that you were starting a PS4 game?

annoyedgamer43d ago

They cant remove the pirate versions.

1nsomniac43d ago

Please, no one here is honestly naive enough to believe they removed them because rockstar were worried people would buy the wrong version. I don’t care what anybody writes online, I don’t believe anyone really believes that!

CrimsonWing6943d ago

More like they removed them so people wouldn’t “accidentally” buy the cheaper versions.

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Hofstaderman43d ago

And people say digital is the future. The only viable form of preservation is physical.

Terry_B43d ago

Yeah..thats why all SNES..NES, Playstation games are easily available in rom and iso /bin formats...

PS-Gamer-198643d ago (Edited 43d ago )

These roms unfortunately aren't the legal way of preservation though.

ScootaKuH42d ago

ROMs are fine for convenience, but I much prefer playing on real hardware which is why I still have a SNES, Mega Drive and N64, each with Rad2X adaptors so they play nice with my 4k TV

brewin43d ago

Since there are millions upon millions of copies of these games out there, its not a big deal. Im sure these will be altered from the old releases, with stuff like the "Hot Coffee" sex minigame and certain imagery taken out. Im not convinced its an issue worthy of the outrage.

Knightofelemia43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Pull the cheaper options of the trilogy from other platforms just to remaster the trilogy for newer systems and make people pay more for the trilogy. I have the trilogy on PS2 physical I am only in $20 into all three games since I bought them used. Only reason why the remasters are replacing the originals is because Rockstar is going out of their way to make it so this is Rockstar milking GTA in another way. Honestly if you're that hard up to play the trilogy wait for the price to drop on them or when they go on sale I refuse to pay $80 new for the trilogy. They might be cleaned up given the old show and shine but not for $80 that $80 is going towards Ragnarok or even Horizon Forbidden West.

neutralgamer199243d ago

If better versions are available why not sell them? So you mean to tell me you don't want to play the games with better graphics, better effects, major gameplay improvements and other quality of life features like GPS navigation (the pre orders are through the roof so R* made the correct decision) gamers had been asking for remasters and now that we got them some want to play older versions

Btw those aren't taken away if you own them physically or even digitally (you can redownload already bought games)

I for one am happy about these HD remasters and I hope after these we get Max Payne trilogy, RDR, warriors and Bully remastered for current generation consoles. I guess if they announce max Payne trilogy remastered and take away older gamers we will have same vocal minority complaining (yes those complaining are part of the vocal minority)

Come on that's why publishers don't take us seriously. We complain about stuff that doesn't even matter. That's like saying I rather watch the movie in 480P than 4K

Amplitude43d ago

Beyond the obvious issues with preservation and people who want to play the original versions - The old versions have some pretty sweet mods that are now lost to any new purchasers. Mods that make the game look better than the remaster, even.

neutralgamer199243d ago

I was talking from console gamer point of view. When it comes to PC and mod support that is always a big sticking point because like you said there are some major mode that can remaster the game better than R* will(I said will because R* I don't think will put a lot of resources into this but they can if they really wanted)

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