2021: The Year EA Sports' FIFA Died

Since 1993, EA Sports has consistently served as the de facto source for football games. But it's the end of an era.

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ZeekQuattro42d ago

I think it's going ro be rough for EA without that FIFA branding. I don't see any soccer game they put out in the future without it performing nearly as well.

Fishy Fingers42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

True, but where is the competition, PES (efootball)? Which is struggling itself.

No doubt loosing the brand name will hurt but will any looses be offset by not having to pay that license fee to Fifa? Who knows. But I'm sure they wont struggle to sell year in, year out when they have next to no rivals.

EvertonFC42d ago

Konami should buy the fifa license imo, 1 year from now efootball will be a more complete game and add to that the fifa license and its a win win

demonseye42d ago

@evertonFC Konami isn't going to pay Fifa for the brand. they will never pay anywhere near close to what FIFA wants. and they just started their new "free" to play format. Fifa got too greedy and EA was underperforming. end result will probably be the end of FIFA games. at least for a while. Konami will take this opportunity to dominate with pes. and EA will bring out their own football game. I think this is good it was about time for a change in pace.

DJStotty42d ago

Pro Evolution FIFA 23

You heard it here first :)

XbladeTeddy42d ago

They still have the license for the Premier League among other big leagues without the FIFA license.

DJStotty42d ago

Not really, the only change to FIFA, would be the name, all teams/leagues/players/ultimate team would stay the same.

badz14942d ago

the FIFA license alone have made EA's football game the market leader. PES was the better game by far during the PS2 era but they dropped the ball (pun a little intended) during PS3 and 360 era when they struggled to update their tech and that time EA took massive advantage and pulled away. PES was somewhat back to form and being the better game during the PS4 era but EA was untouchable sales wise and PES demised into irrelevance that it is now. who knows maybe Konami would want to take revenge by taking the FIFA license next and come out big next year? eFootball was a mess though, maybe they should get their sh!t together there first.

ANIALATOR13642d ago

PES has never really been on top. Especially since teams don't even have their proper names.

PapaBop42d ago

PS1 and PS2 era, most football fans would argue ISS and PES were far better than Fifa, maybe sales wise they were lower but they were always the better games.

DJStotty42d ago


"Especially since teams don't even have their proper names."

Option files, that is all that was needed to fix that.

demonseye42d ago

Konami is never gonna pay anywhere near close to what FIFA wants. I don't even think for a second Konami is thinking about buying the FIFA license. they are however aware that whatever they do next year will be deciding the future of PES or EFootball

Outlawzz42d ago

Finally !! I might buy a copy to keep as memories

TheColbertinator42d ago

Died years ago. Some of you are just barely noticing the lowering of the coffin.

Welshy42d ago

It didn't die, it was killed by Ultimate Team.

philm8741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@Welshy, what? the incredibly popular mode Ultimate Team?

They've made a big improvement in career mode this year as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.