Charles Martinet: ‘‘I want to voice Mario until I drop dead.’’

During FAN EXPO Canada: Limited Edition, Charles Martinet held a Q&A session where he talked about becoming Mario and leaving him behind.

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Bigman4k36d ago

That's up to nintendo not him

StonieWylder36d ago

Well sure, but Nintendo wouldn’t just drop one of the most iconic voices they have. Japanese companies, be it gaming or animations, tend to hold onto their voice actors until they literally drop dead.

Spoticle36d ago

If history is any teacher, it's up to the fans spending their money, not Nintendo's.

BlaqMagiq136d ago

It might be up to Nintendo, but they would be dumb to drop him and they know it.

Relientk7736d ago

But Chris Pratt. He's so cool.

XxINFERNUSxX36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Will be hard to replace his iconic voice.

badz14936d ago

you'd be surprised how easy it actually is with the tech that we have today


Yeah, probably right. I'm sure AI can make so you can't tell the difference.

CrimsonWing6936d ago

But Chris Pratt did it. He’s so cool,

Josoap36d ago

Of course you do Charles, it must be the easiest freakin’ gig any voice actor could ever land