Bethesda - A Catalogue in Waiting

Brian over at 8-Bit Island wonders:
"I have a question to ask and it’s pretty simple; why does Bethesda Game Studios hate money?
Instead of pumping resources into remastering Skyrim for the upteenth time (which no, they’re literally doing), can we not just get a remaster of Fallout 3?"

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justadelusion33d ago

They for sure don't hate money, they like to take the easiest road to the most money. Their 'glory' days are long gone and have been replaced with microtransactions and half finished products.

EazyC33d ago

Gaming feels like it's in the doldrums a bit creatively. There isn't really much in the way of truly "new" right now.

I'd be interested to read more about what people IN the industry have to say about this. Is it something to do with what they teach on game design courses? Is it publishing studios all being shareholder-dominated, soulless machines? Are we just in a creative rout because of the state of the world (I'm talking pre-Covid even)?

I imagine the answer is "yes" to at least some of the above... But yeah that fire/energy/danger videogames had as a medium has waned significantly. Bethesda is perhaps the most appropriate exemplar of this. They went from trailblazing to SHAMELESSLY treading water.

enkiduxiv33d ago

A point I was making on another thread is that even the indie devs are very risk averse. Sure there is the occasional gem like Ice Pick Lodge (who I think might actually hate money) but most indie devs are just pumping out souls clones and Metroid clones. That can’t be a good sign for things to come.

My guess is market saturation. All of these guys have to compete for attention and now they have to do it on streaming platforms that don’t produce revenue for them directly. So instead of consumers choosing the niche little indie titles that speak to them, guys like Phil Spencer get to decide what to throw money at for their massive platform. And thus creativity dies.

TheSaint33d ago

They let the fans polish their games with mods.