The Switch is the house of JRPGs

The genre of JRPG has found a home on Switch, and Nintendo Everything goes over some of the games and companies involved.

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justadelusion41d ago

The switch is more like a small apartment at most

ElvisHuxley40d ago

I have both Switch and PS5, and Jrpgs are my favorite genre. Considering nearly every Jrpg on the Switch is also on PS4/5, and many exclusively so, and considering they generally look far better, and play smoother on the latter, I almost never play them on the Switch. Though in fairness, the next game on my list is a Switch game, Fire Emblem 3H, and whenever SMTV comes out, that'll be another 100+ hours sunk into it. But for me personally, Playstation has always been the home for Jrpgs, since I was a kid.

bouzebbal40d ago

I wish I had time to play a JRPG like I used to..

Father__Merrin40d ago

Same here no time anymore. That ps360wii gen needs to be back rewind to 2007 brilliant gaming the best ever


You're right. The OLED becomes very difficult to justify when for only $50 more you can get a PS5 DE that plays games at 4K/60fps.

I enjoy my Switch, but I'm tired of Nintendo always being a generation behind the competition....and charging a premium for it.

Until Nintendo fixes joycon drift and 60fps becomes the standard for Switch games, they don't get another cent from me.

Grilla40d ago

More like 2 generations behind now.

Vegamyster40d ago

The Steam Deck is slightly more powerful than a PS4 and costs slightly more than a PS5 if you get the 2nd tier model which has a usable amount of storage, why are you comparing the highest end version of the switch to the cheapest PS5 model?.The N64 and GameCube were both more powerful than the competition yet lost out in sales by a large margin, they’re not going to ditch a system that’s going to break 100 million sales.

They’re not remotely comparable devices outside they play games, the smaller and more powerful you make something, the price skyrockets. It’s the reason phones are so expensive and laptops cost more than desktops for worse performance.

FinalFantasyFanatic40d ago

I pretty much feel the same way, the Playstation is my main JRPG machine, although I was going to use the Switch for that as well, it just didn't work out that way for me.

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YourMommySpoils40d ago

Really? Quite a lot of JRPGs missing. More like a back alley.

40d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.