A Look Back At Capcom's Masterpiece, Haunting Ground

FreeckyCake writes: "Haunting Ground (Demento in Japan) is a survival horror title that uses assets from Resident Evil 4. But instead of following the formula, it ditches it to bring the player a unique experience that you, unfortunately, won’t find elsewhere. "

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Bathory66640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I think the criticisms are completely warranted. I loved clock tower 3. Sure it’s ridiculous, but it was really fun and quite brutal. Haunting ground felt lifeless and repetitive. Wandering around a giant maze (the castle) was a chore and the herb crafting/puzzles were tedious. The backtracking was overkill. Being stuck in that castle was a bad idea and should have only been part of the game. What ends up happening is you get tired of it really quick and it’s just going from room to room to room. Same with silent hill 2 hospital levels. Tedious, yet they are only a level and you continue moving forward in the town. You are exploring and making progress. Haunting doesn’t feel like that at all. Great premise, but i personally think clock tower 3 was way better and more fun and was Short and sweet. Never outstayed it’s welcome. Haunting is ok, just not a masterpiece by any means. It’s really boring. When you dread playing a game because of the level design that’s a problem. It’s a chore.

ManMarmalade40d ago

And this is why it's called an opinion 🌈

Bathory66640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Yes but this wasn’t an opinion this was a total fan boy over reaching and delusional. It’s a hidden gem yes, but masterpiece? when you have games like silent hill 1 and 2, resident evil 2, re4, fatal frame 2 This is quite insulting.

FreeckyCake40d ago

I respect your opinion, and I think the part where you mentioned the herbs crafting being tedious is sometimes valid, but at the same time, it was made to be that way. I assume that if they made it easier, that would have made Fiona quite OP early on.

Clock Tower 3 had its good and bad moments. Alyssa's movements were kind of slow, she can't even run from all those stalkers, but I definitely liked the boss fights. Fighting your enemies using a bow just because you're a Rooder was a fine addition, and the sudden appearance of enemies was quite challenging too.

However, Clock Tower 3 had no exploration, Haunting Ground had. You could literally explore the entire the castle in the end ( before the final boss) or each time you outwit a boss. So, yeah, there's definitely some exploration to do in the castle and I haven't felt bored of that castle personally. In fact, I found the castle to be designed well and full of things to do. It kind of reminds me of Temi-ni-gru from DMC 3. Both are great and each corner in the castle is either a reference to Clock Tower or a horror material.

What I liked about Haunting Ground is its atmosphere, and that itself is an improvement over Clock Tower 3. Plus, fighting your enemies by only solving puzzles was a fine addition that I fell in love with immediately after defeating Debilitas.

To each his own I guess, but Haunting Ground was definitely an ambitious project by Capcom.

Bathory66640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I agree both had good and bad as essentially haunting ground is Clock Tower 4. I really wanted to love haunting ground but the design and endless rooms really took me out of it. It’s good, just not what it could have been.

FreeckyCake40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


I found Haunting Ground to be better than Fatal Frame 2. No need to change my mind, and I think you should learn to respect others' opinions before accusing them of something they aren't. I have to always remind myself that N4G users are just gamers who play mainstream stuff. It's funny how you want to impose your opinion, but I can't. Talk about double-standards.

Bathory66626d ago

Better than fatal frame 2? Ok you’re smoking crack if you think that’s true

Knightofelemia40d ago

Just another Capcom title they put out and magically forgotten all about like Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire. I enjoy this game and play it from time to time it needs a remake or reboot same with Dino Crisis, Clock Tower and Breath of Fire.

FreeckyCake40d ago

Capcom has a plethora of dead IPs that may never make a comeback.

* Looks at Maximo *

ManMarmalade40d ago

Maximo is a name i havent heard in a while. That'd be such a great announcement.

Bathory66640d ago

Omg i love Maximo what a great game that was. Sad army of zin never released on psn.

whitbyfox40d ago

Still have it on PS2, masterpiece it most certainly is not.

FreeckyCake40d ago

It certainly is a masterpiece.

FreeckyCake40d ago

I don't care about reviews, buddy. I have myself.

jBlakeeper40d ago

I remember playing this game and found it difficult and the controls were not so great. But it’s also creepy and still a pretty good game overall IMO.

Bathory66626d ago

Yeah it’s ok. Masterpiece was just wow. He must be smoking some pretty good herb

SCW198240d ago

Masterpiece is a bit of a stretch but it was a cool idea.

Bathory66640d ago

Lol i know that was a fanboy article big time. I love survival horror to death, but let’s be realistic. It’s Definitely good, a solid 7/10, but not a masterpiece by any stretch.

FreeckyCake40d ago

Sadly, I'm not a fanboy, I played a lot of Capcom survival horror games and other underrated titles from them.

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