Nintendo Switch Online Needs More than Old Games to be Worth It

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "While I am happy to be able to have an easily accessible way to play games like Ocarina of Time and Phantasy Star IV, I would much prefer to see Switch Online become a good service in other areas."

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Knightofelemia38d ago

Party chat, message a friend, drop the stupid code to add a friend are my major issues with the Switch online. Maybe add a trophy/achievement system for those who go out of their way to trophy hunt and achievement hunt a game. Maybe also add Netflix to the Switch or some other tv streaming service. Bring back the Virtual Console update your SNES/NES library more then just once in a very blue moon.

CrimsonWing6937d ago

All this! Couldn’t have said it better.

PhillyDillyDee37d ago

Yes. It still stupefies me that they havent brought over the virtual console. There’s this pervasive feeling like they are holding a bunch of stuff back for some huge reveal. Except the reveal never comes and we instead get things like the lazy rom package, super mario 3d all stars.

It’s very much a feeling of one step forward, two steps back w Nintendo. When the Virtual Console was introduced we all pretty much thought it would be a given that they would have it on all their hardware moving forward but… yeah…

Inverno37d ago

20 dollars may not seem like a lot but that's a yearly income of many subscribers over what they maybe could get out of people for individual purchases. They'll never bring back VC and with the expansion they're pushing to see if their fans really are blind enough to pay just 10 short of the competition for not even half the features.
Honestly with emulation being possible on practically any device with a screen nowadays there's no reason to pay Nintendo for their miserable collection of retro games

Fraggle198737d ago

Yes all this and more. They cant get the basics right.

starforge7137d ago

I agree but i think the price hike is pushing it for a few old games

brewin37d ago

If the main point of the service isn't worth the price anyway then a price increase when there's no upgrades to that is a tough pill to swallow.

Nintendo should just follow Microsoft's lead here and unbundle the online service from the game pass.They could easily do a game pass style service with their trove of first party stuff and people would pay for that no problem, if quality and quantity was there. I don't know why they haven't figured it out yet but I hope they do. It's not the kind of response they should be getting but it's their own fault.

badz14937d ago

you want Nintendo to go GP style and let people rent their library of games for $60 or maybe $70 a year and miss out on selling their games at close to launch price even 5 years later? are you insane??


brewin37d ago

I meant with their legacy content, not new stuff. Like a virtual console but game pass style. Add in GC, 3ds and will games, and I think people would be happier than they are with the current subscription

badz14937d ago

when they have been selling their Wii U ports (launched at $50) for $60 on the Switch without shame, you should about Nintendo's principle on old games by now.

46player37d ago

I feel like Nintendo has no momentum. Old games, maybe a remaster here and there, after 3 years you get the last DLC character for Super Smash Brothers, which is a dated game at this point. I guess they are still making money and really don’t care, it’s a slow cash cow. I’m just not at all excited by the brand anymore.