Animal Crossing Wii dated for South Africa

Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City for the Wii will be released across South Africa in Quarter 2 of 2009. The game will be bundled with the new Wii Speak accessory but gamers will also be able to buy Wii Speak individually.

For those who didn't delve into Animal Crossing on the DS or GameCube, Animal Crossing is best explained as a game where you're basically on an endless holiday, where you can interact with anything and anyone, allowing you to go fishing, collect shells, dig a garden, go trick-or-treating on Halloween or catch fireflies. Previous iterations have also been lauded for their use of real-world holidays occurring in the game using the machine's internal clock.

Wii Speak, on the other hand, is a device for the Wii that sits above the sensor bar and acts as a microphone and speaker, essentially allowing everybody in one room to listen and speak to other, online players, without the need for individual headsets.

Core Gaming has not yet announced a price for the game. However, you can get an indication of pricing from the UK's Wii Speak and Animal Crossing bundle which is available for £59.99 or, individually, you can get Wii Speak for £25 or Animal Crossing for £39.99. The game is also available in the US where it is known as Animal Crossing: City Folk. The bundle currently retails at $70 while the game is available for $50 and Wii Speak for $30.

The game has been well received so far. Media Create figures show that it debuted at number 1 on the Japanese software chart with 305 000 copies. Released on the 20th of November in Japan its life-to-date sales already fall just shy of the half a million mark at 489 300 copies.

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