Epic Games Ends Alternate-Friday Vacation Policy, Angering Staff

Epic Games Inc. is ending a pandemic-inspired policy of granting every other Friday off, sparking an uproar among staff.

An internal Slack channel was filled with pleas from employees for the game publisher to reconsider. Several people said the extra vacation days had helped their mental health, allowed them to be better parents and even improved their productivity while working on updates for Fortnite, which is one of world’s most popular games.

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CrimsonWing6942d ago

Oh wow, well, welcome to the “Work on Frinday” club.

CrimsonWing6942d ago

Yea, but we get the weekends off.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago

You guys get a whole weekend? I only get one day off every other weekend.

Darkborn42d ago

Their literally bringing up random things that have nothing to do with the reason the program started, covid.

Bladesfist42d ago

Sure but if it did indeed help productivity then it should be looked at, it's in the companies interests then.

Fishy Fingers42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Poor bastards. Company revoking a temproary initiative meaning now they're just stuck with the additional 4 weeks leave they recieve on top of their annual leave. I can only sympathise.

demonseye42d ago

I mean as an european i say poor bastards to the average American and below. sick and vacation time is a myth over there.

Christopher41d ago

***sick and vacation time is a myth over there.***

It really isn't. Most people who don't get it are part-time.

Knightofelemia42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Why bitch you knew it wouldn't last long most of the staff probably worked from home slept in did a few hours of work watched tv then did more work. Grow a set and face reality the world is sort of returning to normal after COVID is dying down in some areas if you don't like reality then quit.

sourOG42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Canada is looking at 4 day work weeks, there was an article recently. I believe it was the guys that made deus ex human Revolution but I could be wrong. Some Canadian company.

I tried to tell people that shit will never fly here lol. “Okay back to pre-pandemic schedule” is not an outrage that can gain sympathy here. Canada? Maybe I have no idea. I was back to pre-pandemic schedule in aug2020 lmao.

TriniOutsider42d ago

That four-day work week. Ain't gonna work with my job. I live in Ontario, my job alone requires five days a week 24hr service.

Hell, I didn't receive extra pay along with my co-workers. All we got was a medal and a certificate.

sourOG42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yeah I don’t know of any in the US. This is first time I’ve heard of every other Friday being done but that was a pandemic thing. I’m sure the pandemic changed many things like remote work but I don’t see the shorter schedule catching on anytime soon, it’s not practical.

My work was alright, they paid me to take a couple months off in the beginning like March 2020. Then I went back to work like normal. I wished they fired me so I could get that government cheese like everyone else. Collecting 600 dollars a week to sit on their fat ass and we wonder why they don’t want to go back to work now lol.

EvertonFC42d ago

4 day weeks have proven to be more productive in recent research.

sourOG42d ago

Maybe but it doesn’t matter. Money talks louder than research. The increase in morale is obvious but I have serious doubts about the productivity aspect. Sounds like the assessment of someone that never had a real job. They just study real jobs lol.

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago

I think we just got a $20 gift card and a couple of shares in the company, better than nothing, but the extra money would have been better.

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The story is too old to be commented.