Fallout 3's "Broken Steel" to Change Game's Ending

UGO writes: "We conducted an interview with Jeff Gardiner, Lead Producer for Fallout 3 DLC, and we got some pretty interesting responses.

"One of our questions dealt with March's DLC release, 'Broken Steel,' which actually takes place after the main story of Fallout 3 has ended. And, since it's a bit of a roadblock ending, we were kinda curious how players would be able to continue on. Here's what Jeff had to say: "

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DavidMacDougall3600d ago

That's nice i like how they have limited there game so they could put an extra price tag on different parts

bunbun7773600d ago

ya ya i agrees. Its so good to pay for more of what you love yes. Here's to hoping the exclusive DLC has some exclusive DLC--- i still have more monies to spend.....

ThanatosDMC3600d ago

I'm level 16 and i still havent found one of those gigantic Supermutants. Anyone found one yet?

rhood0223600d ago

I've found and fought three--one is a part of the main quest, and the other two are found: inside the Capital Building and at the Raider compound at Evergreen Mills.

I think there are five total. Go to gamefaqs or something similar to find them.

solsub3600d ago

Completely agree. This whole DLC business is full of sh*t.

Bladestar3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"Completely agree. This whole DLC business is full of sh*t. " I guess people will b!tch and moan no matter what...

They rather the content not to be made so they do not have to buy expansions later...

did you even play Fallout 3? I put into this game more than 70 hours already.... I visited 159 locations in the game and still have not done everything... 3 bubble heads to go...

Saying that this game is short it's simply dumb...

I want them to keep bringing DLC for years to come... because this game have the potential to keep growing...

They are saying that the next DLC will add 4-5 hours... but that means... at least 10 if you try to complete all new quests and visit all new locations...

that right there is more game play time than many games... for $10!!!!!?

Dude if you do not want to keep playing this game as they expand it... go and buy a $60 game instead... but don't try to ruin it for us...

many of us enjoy the game and have Jobs... put it this way... I would give up 80% of all my games which I no longer play... and I paid $60 each... for more Fallout 3 DLC...

They only people frustrated by fallout DLC should be people that own a platform that will not get it... (like PS3 only owners)...

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EastCoastSB3600d ago

Is this even coming for the PS3 version?

rhood0223600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Not as DLC. That is exclusive to the 360. Much like some of the quests in "Oblivion" that the system got the PS3 version didn't--Wizard's Tower, Orrery, Thieves Den.

But it is entirely possible that full-on expansion packs (that add 20-30 hours), like Shivering Isles, could hit both systems in the future. Or even be included in a GOTY edition of Fallout 3.

Hooby3600d ago

We gotta start a completely new game to experience it? That make sit double-lame. Here's this character that you've played and grown attached to, that you've spent countless hours making in your image...yeah he can't experience this new content...suck to be you.

Kingshadowhigh3600d ago

Because the ending was a little lame, IMO.