What if NetherRealm Studios made a Horror-Themed Fighter?

COG: Whilst Ed Boon's influences are clearly prominent in his work, he's edged closer to his fantasy of a horror-filled title with the addition of iconic slashers that have headlined DLC content. Due to this, I ponder the question, 'what would a horror fighter by NetherRealm look like?'

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lucian22941d ago

meh, just like MK would only be worth it for the fatalities; their actual combat is trash, animations are awful and clunky. Graphics and everything are nice but lord that floaty awkward animation

CrimsonWing6941d ago

I mean, isn’t Mortal Kombat already that? I mean they have horror guest characters

BQ3239d ago

It is but some people like me actually like using the guest characters more than the actual cast. It would be dope to bring all those guess characters back from the different games and put them all together would be super dope. I loved using Predator in X but he was obviously gone in 11.

PapaBop40d ago

It would be amazing but sadly the closest we will get will be DLC for whenever they make a new MK game.

robtion40d ago

I would like to see them do a Marvel Vs DC Injustice game.

SimpleSlave40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

What if they called it Mortal Kombat? I bet it would be kewl for an indie title. Maybe they can have like special guest characters from horror and action movies. Maybe release it first on Steam and see if it becomes popular then they can go for the consoles afterward.

It'll be dope for sure. Hope it happens. 👍

The7Reaper40d ago

People have been asking this since they put Freddy Krueger in MK9 and probably before then and the answer has always been "it would be dope as hell" but licensing would be a nightmare.

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