Metroid Dread Is A Labyrinth In Search Of A Maze

WGTC: "This is not a review of Metroid Dread so much as it is a review of reviewing Metroid Dread. Because Dread feels like a labyrinth."

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oldenjon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

More blasphemy. Metacritic is god. These words have no place in the church of n4g.

camel_toad38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I really liked Metroid Dread. It really hit the nostalgia but I do wish it had been longer and had added more new items or abilities.

Even so though I enjoyed the hell out of it. Now I have to wait an unknown amount of time for the next Metroid Prime. I'd rather them save it though for their next platform. It deserves stronger hardware than the Switch.

oldenjon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yeah I did 4 playthroughs and 100% in the first few days, which is something I don't think I can say of any other Metroid. People are acting like that's universally a good thing. While the core gameplay is fun and definitely metroid, it might also be that this game just doesn't have the same depth and that I'm going back because I didn't get a proper fix in first couple of runs. I agree with this article. The world MS created is kind of a bland maze of rectangular rooms that leads down a very linear path. Even the sequence breaks are kind of boring and expected. Maybe because they're so deliberate, like Kraid cannon for example. I don't feel like there's any point in spending a long time with this game trying to figure everything out. Instead, I stopped playing and don't expect I'll be picking it up again for a very long time.

Lexreborn238d ago

I stopped playing halfway through because it was overly familiar and nostalgia driven. I’ll come back in the future to finish it, but it’s really not doing it for me.


Glad you enjoyed it 4 times

Levii_9238d ago

Play Hollow Knight , Castelvania Symphony , Super Metroid and the Ori games. 😬

Levii_9238d ago

@oldenjon Oh yeah it absolutely doesn’t have the depth and that old tough classic metroidvania feel like Hollow Knight, Symphony and Super Metroid. I noticed that just by watching the streams of other people playing, it was very apparent. It’s hard to beat the likes of those games especially a juggernaut like Hollow Knight. But Dread is still an awesome game i’m playing it right now and yeah it’s a shame it isn’t more like Hollow Knight but it’s still great.

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Outlawzz38d ago

Talk about a convoluted article for absolutely no reason. It's like trying to reach the word limit on a paper.

Nobody is grading you, get to the point and respect the readers time.

SegaSaturn66938d ago

At least it has a challenge in a world where nintendo pushes out games that play themselves.

Sciurus_vulgaris38d ago

I don’t take much issue with the exploration and lack of handholding in Dread. My main issue with the game is the controls. I believe missiles should have their own button, instead of holding L and tapping Y.

oldenjon38d ago

I think the argument is that there is too much handholding. The game is very liner and guides you to the next area pretty consistently. Instead of backtracking and real inerconnectivity it uses teleport hubs to streamline the process. This is part of why exploration suffers in this game. Re: controls, free aim and button combos for weapon selection felt somehow less precise than old metroid. It doesn't let you switch weapons either, like back to regular super missile from ice missile.

iplay1up238d ago

Metroid is stunning on Switch. Absolutely a blast! Nintendo knows how to use every bit of power, their consoles have! Bayonetta and BOTW show that.

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