Metroid Dread Review - The Switch Just Can't Do This Franchise Visual Justice | Zyro-EG

Jason says, "This hurts me because I wanted to like this game more. This is a top franchise for me, and I want to see it grow and fulfill its vision as an industry top dog. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate this re-tread, and I can’t deny that I had a smile on my face at times from the antics of old brought to life in today’s era. The formula aged well and remains at the top of its game even with some modernizations. Sadly, its over too quickly for anyone not into personal play records, and it’s really hard to look at against the backdrop of other modern gaming platforms without feeling like the Switch just can’t do this franchise visual justice. I still enjoyed every minute of this short nostalgia trip, though, even if some of its faults lie with Nintendo and not the developers."

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CrimsonWing6945d ago

What!? I thought the game looked gorgeous.

PhillyDillyDee45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

The game looks great and works within the switchs limitations. As for the length, people seem to forget that metroids past would run 4 or so hours for a casual player. I just collected the final suit power-up and I think im in the realm of 8 or so hours. I’m also about to head back through and sweep up all the stuff I missed which will take me a few additional hours.

Most of the reports I’ve read say the first run should take you upwards of 8 hours which is pretty meaty considering the genre. Setting the time aspect aside, the game has been a joy to play. A few of the bosses are quite memorable and the controls are incredibly tight. My personal opinion is that it is a must-play.

HeliosHex42d ago

I don't think the switch is the problem at all. I think it was a visual choice by devs. Environmental choices, and graphical design was all dev choices that has nothing to do with switch limitations. You need look no further than ori and the will of the wisp to see how beautiful a 2D game can look on the switch.