Marvel's Wolverine story lead also wrote Spec Ops: The Line's brutal tale

Here's one more Marvel's Wolverine detail to add to your sprawling equation of what Insomniac's new super-project may be: it has the same writer as Spec Ops: The Line.

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Mr_cheese700d ago

Really looking forward to seeing more of this game.

Hoping for something really gritty

TallDarknWavy700d ago

For those unaware, Spec Ops: The Line is one of the greatest, grittiest storylines ever in gaming, full of irony and symbolism. So looking forward to this.

porkChop700d ago

I wish more people had given that game a chance. It surprised the hell out of me, and I really wanted another Spec Ops.

TallDarknWavy697d ago

The twist at the end made it impossible for a sequel.

InUrFoxHole699d ago

If we're being honest its pretty staight forward. I'll give you gritty though.

TallDarknWavy697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

The twists and turns by definition make it not straightforward. How high were you when playing it? Did you even finish it?

Blaze929699d ago

Spec Ops The Line was cool but let's not syce it. 7 at best

13sentinel699d ago

Ok "Blaze929", if you say so

698d ago
porkChop697d ago

I don't mean a direct sequel. I mean continue the series with another shooter with psychological horror elements.

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InUrFoxHole699d ago

Great! I think the majority of gamers want a brutal game

698d ago

Marvel's Wolverine Should Treat Deadpool Like One Classic Yakuza Character

Deadpool could play a vital role in the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine title by taking up the legacy of an entertaining Yakuza character.

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anast77d ago

I hope not. Keep it dark and grim. Just seeing Deadpool in that thumbnail makes it look like Fortnite.

Christopher77d ago

I think we can live without Deadpool. If he shows up he either steals the show or isn't present enough. He's too popular for being a main character now that he doesn't work as well as a side character in a heavily story driven game like Insomniac Marvel games. I also don't think any of us want to deal with the onslaught of "Why Insomniac MUST make a Deadpool game next" articles.

jznrpg77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I am guessing he isn’t in the game.

They are going for a more mature darker tone from the trailer shown.

Deadpool doesn’t fit that at all.

I think I saw the first movie once but I’d rather they keep Deadpool in his own games

SimpleSlave77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Absolutely. This is not about maturity but about writing and presentation. Yakuza is quite literally a story about the Japanese Mafia and it takes itself EXTREMELY seriously in that aspect. Then it flips it around and goes all silly goose on us. You know actual real life is.

The whole "tHiS iS mAtUrE" argument shows how plenty of people here have a lot of growing up to do. Too much Edge Lording and not enough Perspective, Nuance and Reality.

But then again, this will be a game about a guy that has healing factor, is like 200 years old, has indestructible metal over his bones and grows claws our of his hands. And he also hangs out with actual demi-gods and literal gods that are able to alter reality itself. So I guess I stand corrected. Deadpool might actually not work at all.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

P_Bomb77d ago

Looking forward to it. Just ordered X-men Origins Wolverine to scratch some of that itch in the meantime.

Ninver77d ago

Underrated gem that game is

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Insomniac's Spider-Man And Wolverine Should Start Gaming's Own MCU

Starting gaming's Own MCU with Marvel's Spider-Man and Wolverine is a logical move Sony should make to boost sales amidst high competition.

Vengeance1138114d ago

God NO! The MCU is beyond awful now, or as it is now the "M-SHE-U", not everything needs to be part of some interconnected universe. Also this would greatly hinder creative freedom as making huge narrative changes would need to make sense for other games that are connected.

Terry_B114d ago

The MCU's big problem is..that more or less all Marvel movies and series are a part of it. Which makes something like a bloody Blade movie or a truly mature Punisher movie or series impossible.

Vengeance1138114d ago

Any Punisher movie is actually impossible now since his iconic logo was used by terrorists, now he's a ninja with swords with a completely different logo.

SinisterMister113d ago

Well, the same MCU that you bash now with no regret gave us the likes of the Avengers movies, and damn, wasn't that something of a series. The recent Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was amazing top-to-bottom as well. Sure, and I agree with you on that part, that Marvel hasn't been at its level best lately, but a cross-over like this in gaming isn't such a bad idea.

Noskypeno113d ago

It was great for a few years, but I shouldn't have to watch a 12 part tv series to understand a new character that appears in a new movie.

Popsicle113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Edited/deleted this post because it was dumb.