GTA: San Andreas Coming To Xbox Game Pass, GTA 3 Headed To PlayStation Now

Xbox Game Pass members are getting San Andreas' new version on launch day, while GTA 3 comes to PS Now on December 7.

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brewin45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Thats a pretty big deal for Gamepass! I only cared about replaying San Andreas as I always felt it was too ambitious for its time, which resulted in chunky graphics and massive framerate issues. This was slightly better with the Xbox version, but still not adequate. It always bothered me that I was never able to fully enjoy SA because of this. I wonder if they're going to sell them separately at $20-$30 a pop? They might sell more that way, then give a slight discount on the package. Either way, I wont be buying this at launch now that I know about this. Ill just play SA on GP then buy the trilogy when it drops to $30 or so. GP saving me grands this gen!

Obscure_Observer44d ago

"Thats a pretty big deal for Gamepass!"

Indeed. SA is definitely the best game in the trilogy.

Profchaos44d ago

That's pretty subjective vice city has a huge fanbase still that would put it as number 1

MoonConquistador44d ago

As Profchaos said, Vice City was the best of the trilogy for me.

Maybe I watched too much Miami Vice when I was younger.

Nicknasty44d ago

Vice City, no question about it.

blacktiger44d ago

I don't understand how are you all loving gamepass and PSnw, too laggy. Hell my mouse wifi has a split second delay. How are you all loving it?

LucasRuinedChildhood44d ago

Most people are downloading the games, not streaming them.

porkChop44d ago

You don't have to stream with Game Pass. You can download every game. Even on PSnow you can download some games.

MrNinosan44d ago

You can download more games on PSNow than on GamePass, which is more than "some". It's all PS4/PS2 games.

brewin44d ago

You don't stream the games on game pass they are download. You're misinformed if you think that.

Gamer4Life157944d ago

Either you're incredibly misinformed, or you are intentionally trying to spread lies. Every game can be downloaded on Gamepass.

RedDevils44d ago

What type of mouse use wifi?

CrimsonWing6944d ago

I, uh, download the games from Gamepass.

iplay1up244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Too laggy? Really? Game Pass, you download the games. LMAO! You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

blacktiger44d ago

Mouse wifi adapter. Corded wire is a thing of past. PSnow on pc I don't think you can download.

Malacath44d ago

With gamepass all games are downloaded. Streaming is optional.

PS Now allows you to download ps4 games. It's only the ps3 games that you're forced to stream.

So no input lag on either service

BrettAwesome43d ago

Your mouse uses bluetooth. Not wifi 😂

MrNinosan42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


You probably misread my comment. I never commented on Gamepass games being streamed.
I commented that the actual downloadable games are more on PSNow than on Gamepass, in number of games, not in percentage.

So no lies being spread from me, and as I use both GamePass and PSNow on my Series X and PS5, I'm well informed thank you 👍

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franwex44d ago

Then they’ll switch in 6 months.

LucasRuinedChildhood44d ago

A lot of people will be using free trials of PS Now and Game Pass to see what these upgrades feel like.

Lexreborn244d ago

They don’t want to hear that, even now they are glorifying gamepass for getting San Andreas and not looking at GTA3 as a equally big deal for 2 remastered titles.

The narrative only matters when it’s something THEY want to look better. But, watch it flip (just like Red dead Redemption Nier and many others) then they will talk about how amazing Gamepass is for getting GTA3 but not realize for 60 bucks less. They would’ve gotten both on psnow.

44d ago
thesoftware73044d ago

Wow, dope..SA and Vice city was definitely my favorite in the series.

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