FIFA 22 players racked up 87.8 million years of gameplay in 22 days

FIFA 22 has been making the rounds since October 1. Players of the latest addition to EA's world-famous franchise have, so far, scored over 5 billion goals.

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Nacho_Z40d ago

Those numbers sound insane. Game's out for 22 days and in that time people have racked up 87.8 million years of gameplay. Can't get my head around that.

Commodore8140d ago

The math on this doesn’t check out, that would also be like saying 87.8 million players have 1 year of gameplay…. There has to be some sort of synthetic inflation (i.e. counting a 10 min “match” as a 90 minute match). 5 billion goals corresponds to 1 goal per 920 minutes. Something is up with the stats in this article…