What the Eff… is up with Video Games and Movies?

Loot Ninja writes:

"Is it just me or do the majority of movies based on video games, and video games based on movies, suck? Why is this? Honestly I don't have a good answer other than sheer laziness. The "milking it" factor. The "it doesn't matter as long as the previews look good to boost sales" motto - disgusting. Max Payne, the movie based on the video game, was horrible (in my opinion), and made a ton of money off of the sheer idea that it's Max Payne in movie form. Now we've seen sci-fi type, action packed, adventure movies actually work in the past - The Dark Knight, 300, The Matrix (only the original; here is another example of laziness, but that's not my quarrel now) - but I have yet to see a video game conquer the big screen with any dignity. And the biggest issue I have with this is that there are plenty of great video games than can be made into great movies."

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