GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Screenshots Show Off the Remastered Graphics, FAQ Also Released

Rockstar Games have released new GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition screenshots to showcase the games' remastered graphics.

Terry_B948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Oh lol.. Sorry..but the majority of the characters just look hilarious now. wtf were they thinking?

Fishy Fingers948d ago

Its an odd choice, they've made the world look more realistic (at least compared to the originals) while making the characters look cartoony, they remind me of Sims.

--Onilink--947d ago

Thats not really the complain though, its that they changed the character models instead of just making the existing ones look better.

Same thing happened with Allan Wake or Mass Effect.

If anything, the new character models are more in the remake territory than remaster.

Still though, its just a matter of preference. They dont look bad per se, I just dont like how cartoony they look in 3 and Vice City. On San Andreas they look fine for me

yoshatabi947d ago

Okay? That's not what they're complaining about lmao

Profchaos947d ago

I think some are good I really like Tommy and Lance along with most San Andreas models but Avery in vice city and Joey in 3 look horrible. Seriously Avery is quite possibly the worst character design and I wonder if that's intentional because Rockstar execs really dislikes Burt Reynolds

roadkillers947d ago

Not mad, but the characters did make me laugh. Shows how far the GTA series and gaming has come lol

DankSinatra947d ago

They’re keeping it in line with the original art style. If you go back to the concept art for the games it shows a much closer look to the concept art at the time. I’m completely fine with it honestly.

roadkillers947d ago

Replying again... they look like Saints Row characters with the cell shading effects

DreadfulHero947d ago

And how were they not bad looking before? The PS2 characters models were always exaggerated, slightly grotesque versions of actual humans. These just look like more exaggerated versions of those characters. What did you want? Realistic models? That would ruin the tone of those games.

CS7947d ago

I honestly think it is genius. It isn't supposed to be next gen GTA experience.

The point is video game preservation and making the old game "accessible" to a modern audience.

I think they stuck a great balance between the game feeling like the original yet, 100% playable for someone accustomed to more modern graphics/ gameplay systems.

A unique and great philosophy for remastering video game and ensuring their preservation.

(I don't think they should have removed the originals from store fronts though...)

947d ago
ElvisHuxley946d ago

The game never really did take itself that seriously.

ALMGNOON946d ago

obviously they are being greedy, they will make easy money with a very low effort "remastered".

Terry_B946d ago

Yeah..its kinda hilarious if you compare what they did..in comparison how other studios were able to make something much better even with PS1 games like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro

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EazyC947d ago

This actually looks so much like all the fake trailers made over the years, to the point where I think R* was taking design cues off some of the more popular ones.

This one in particular (although it looks like full-blown CGI here): https://youtu.be/nyk1xKCVFZ...

Obelisk92947d ago

I don't think the new graphic style fits GTA at all.

EazyC947d ago

It's funny, I don't think GTA was necessarily "trying" to look cartooney back in the PS2-era... it was a convention of graphics limitations in open world games. But this to me is consciously putting them in a cartoon world.

jeromeface947d ago

its obvious to me they are staying true to the originals.

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neutralgamer1992947d ago

Looks great I think there was only so much they could do drug trafficking to the PlayStation 2 games these are 20-year-old games. Biggest improvements will be in gameplay and the world seems a lot more populated with NPC's and vehicles to give it that alive feeling

Navigation improvements
Weapons wheel and radio station wheel
Gun play improvements

Really hope there is the ability to skip missions of failed X number of times so no one gets stuck on a missions(present GTA games allow for that)

Ability to restart the mission right after failing instead of having to make that drive again and watch the same cut scenes

And TBH the graphical improvements look nice(personal opinion)

CYALTR945d ago (Edited 945d ago )


"Really hope there is the ability to skip missions of failed X number of times so no one gets stuck on a missions(present GTA games allow for that)"

I think that was my favorite addition in GTA 5.

Some missions I just get stuck on and it sucks that I can't finish the game due to, perhaps my own personal lack of skill, but I'm sure you can turn it off or on as you like.

I enjoy having options.

neutralgamer1992944d ago

Having more accessibility options are great and I really hope R* include some more options so everyone can enjoy the games