GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition PS5 and Xbox Series X Enhancements, PC Specs Revealed

Rockstar Games have revealed the GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition PC specs as well as the many enhancements it will have across platforms.

SinisterMister940d ago

It's baffling how this "Trilogy" has blown up. Worst part is, many, many people have it preordered. Now, obviously, I'm not the one to judge anyone, but it really makes you think where some developers are heading with their ways.

B_Rian89940d ago

People have been begging Rockstar to remaster the 3D era GTA games for ages now, so it's not surprising that it has "blown up"

ZeekQuattro940d ago

If it's a surprise to you that's means someone hasn't been paying attention. I haven't even touched the franchise since San Andreas and I know this is a big deal to a lot of people.

1nsomniac940d ago

Vice City and San Andreas are the best in the series so I couldn’t wait for these to drop. But i won’t be buying these. These £70 “remasters” are an embarrassment.

1nsomniac940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Last I heard, current gen versions were going to be RRP £70. Last gen version £60…

--Onilink--940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Honestly, for a remaster I would say they are pretty much checking all the boxes they should (and more than many other remasters do).

Improved textures, improved geometry, new lightning and shadows system, new character models (which can be argued if they are too different, but the work is definitely there), better draw distance, better resolution, better framerate…

what more do you want from a remaster to not call it a “remaster”?

To get more than this it would need to be a full blown remake

BrettAwesome940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Well. Last I heard, you're wrong

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neutralgamer1992940d ago

You should not be surprised when the reveal trailer has 270,000 likes to less than 6,000 dislikes that should tell you everything you need to know. People are super excited about this and I am hopeful that Rockstar finally sees this as an opportunity and give us a Max Payne trilogy along with remastering properly bully and RDR

I know we only have seen less than 1 minute off trailer but I really hope there are some major major gameplay improvements there's only so much they can do graphically when we are talking about remastering but they can definitely improve the gameplay a lot. That original trilogy had some of the most frustrating missions so I hope one feature really makes it there is if you feel at a mission X number of times you get to skip it like future GTA games allowed us to do

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Atticus_finch940d ago

I honestly expected much less from this remaster so it was a pleasant surprise that they actually made improvements but for 60 I won't be buying it until it drops price.

--Onilink--940d ago

Yeah, same here. Sure a full blown remake would have been much better (though obviously more expensive), but for a remaster they certainly improved on pretty much everything they should have.

Not quite a fan of the new character models in 3 and Vice City, but they arent terrible either

slowgamer940d ago

lol dlss. I mean it's good to always have but I wouldn't think these kind of graphics would need it since you already have a good gpu to even have dlss as an option. They should have added ray tracing so it would make more sense. But eh.. I guess it looks decent. At least you can see the difference.

slowgamer940d ago

Well I certainly try. Only have 4k screen but maybe it has resolution scaling slider or I'll put nvdia dsr or what was it to work. Unless rokstar knows it's an ass port and to minimize it they added dlss.

Fntastic940d ago

8k would be junk for anything with faster motion for many years yet, and the screens would be 60Hz not 144+.

TheDibbler940d ago

Lol I was thinking the exact same thing. DLSS is used for running high end games with better framerates but you could run these games at 4k on pretty much anything stronger than a toaster at this point. Thise seems like more of a checkbox type of thing.

Knightofelemia940d ago

Work hard on a trilogy to port it to next gen systems and have people pay more for the trilogy work hard to port an 8yr old game to next gen systems but yet no GTA 6.

Amplitude940d ago

Is it really a trilogy if it's 3 games with separate stories in a series with more than 3 games tho

jBlakeeper940d ago

These three are thought of as a trilogy because they were released in 2001, 2002, and 2004 respectively. For many people, these three games are the eponymous games of the GTA series. And we would never get two GTA games two years in a row nowadays.

poppatron940d ago

These 3 are in the same universe, when it shifted to the rage engine with gta 4 i think it was considered as a new continuity

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is Still Not up to Standard Two Years Later

Worse still though, it appears as though The Trilogy has been abandoned by Rockstar and Take Two Interactive.

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Inverno153d ago

By today's standards, I'd argue that being half assed, having a couple patches, and being abandoned and ultimately left still half assed is infact up to standards.

VenomUK153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video that said the new Netflix iOS/Android versions have a series of visual improvements that significantly improve it and bring it much closer to the vision and mood of the original games.


banger88153d ago

That's just a f****** insult. They need to release that patch for console/PC asap.

Chard153d ago

If this gets applied to the Steam/console version then I’ll consider getting it

Profchaos153d ago

Sad but true