eFootball 2022 update delayed by Konami as fans wait for fixes

Konami has delayed its eagerly awaited eFootball 2022 update, leaving fans to wait for fixes.

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SinisterMister44d ago

Yep, this game's gonna be needing lots of those updates.

44d ago
Ninver44d ago

Pure incompetence. Why release the game if it's not ready

waderae44d ago

Might have to for licensing reasons ? Perhaps.

fxa520944d ago

It is really hard for such a game to come back from a miserable launch. The first impression of game will always last and would be very hard to change.... Bigger names never been able to recover from bad launches such as CyberPunk 2077, Drive Club, No Mans Sky, Anthem, fallout 76, etc...

Although many of those games were improved and become better games during their life time, none was able to recover from a miserable start, first impression is what decides games fate.

EvertonFC44d ago

We all knew the road map for efootball, it was always gonna be nxt years efootball which was the more complete version, even the devs said so.
EFootball was always f2p, early access and if you don't get that then well I don't know what to say.

44d ago