Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Coming November 11 - Rockstar Games

Three iconic cities, three epic stories, one definitive collection.

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Mr_cheese950d ago

Personally very skeptical at the lack of ANYTHING shown for this trilogy. I won't be buying it if there are minimal changes and will take it as another blow from a company that still leads, but has lost the audience as a priority.

Mr_cheese950d ago


I've now seen the trailer. While the HD upgrade is nice, it's just poor all in all


It's definitely not a remake, but those car/puddle reflections sold me. The "mix of old and new graphics" rumor turned out to be true.

Yes, we WOULD have preferred a Mafia 1 quality remake, but I prefer more dev time be focused on GTA 6 and possibly GTAV story DLC.

Mr_cheese950d ago

I didn't have my hopes up for anything major, the disappointment comes from the fact that it feels like Rockstar sold their soul for profit.

I need to let go of nostalgia because growing up R* where the ones. New IPs, amazing sequals and above all, consistency in their releases.

Of course, it's their studio and their games. I just won't take part in cow milking.

-Foxtrot950d ago

I hope they do some of limited edition for this if it’s physical.

XbladeTeddy950d ago

Why? So you can stick in under your bed for 10 years?

Yui_Suzumiya950d ago

I spent $250 on the LRG Collector's Edition of Clannad for Switch. Physical forever, bruh!

Fntastic950d ago

The PC version will be best if the SA-MP modders pick this up to add online multiplayer. Was amazingly fun back in 2005 with tons of players. Tho today I'm not sure it would attract as many people.

Might pick it up on console if cheap enough. Full remakes would've been more welcome tho.

-Foxtrot950d ago

Or maybe I'll display it...like all the others I have

Nicknasty950d ago

No, so it will gain some kinda value later on and nice to actually have to put on the shelf. Have you seen what San Andreas for PS2 goes for these days? Hahaha

CrimsonWing69949d ago

Lol, man this hits home a little too close.

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I'm noticing a trend of digital versions of games being released on Day 1 while there's a limited amount of physical editions released afterwards.

I pre-ordered the physical edition of A Plague's Tale and it was supposed to arrive this week, but it turns out it was backordered (presumably due to limited quantities).

Do everything you can to scoop up these physical editions because only a select few gamers will have them in the future.

RaidenBlack950d ago

Called it!
That Unreal Engine rumor was misleading.
If they're doing it in UE, then it should be a Remake. But its just a remaster.
So ... Its using UE4 as a frontend for various UI elements for the trilogy's bundle/common launch menu.
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remasters are being developed by Rockstar Dundee, which previously worked on the Halo: The Master Chief Collection under the name Ruffian Games.
The same devs used UE4 frontend for the MCC collection's UI and menus previously.
This remaster is not actually being made in Unreal Engine.
Its the same ol' GTA III,VC, SA code made using Renderware. Just spruced up a bit. Similar to Halo MCC.

RaidenBlack950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

" ... using Unreal Engine to make these classics more vibrant and more immersive than ever "
Nah ... Its pretty evident still renderware-based.

Rebel_Scum950d ago

Hasn’t it been leaked that the controls have been updated?

Yui_Suzumiya950d ago

Gimme anything but this tripe.. Dead Space Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Silent Hill Collection (2 and 3 at least), Fallout 3 Remastered, F.E.A.R. Trilogy, The Darkness Collection, Spec Ops: The Line.. Anything but GTGAY on my Switch, lol

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roadkillers950d ago

I find the newly modeled characters funny looking. I understand the originals, but this looks like a cartoon haha