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God of War Early PC, PS5 Comparison Video Shows Higher Shadow Resolution, Better Ambient Occlusion

A new God of War PC, PlayStation 5 comparison video has been shared online, showcasing the differences between the two versions of the game. This early comparison video, which has been put together by Cycu1, highlights the slightly higher shadow resolution and better ambient occlusion of the PC version. Colors also seem to have been tweaked for a less saturated and more natural look.

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Community97d ago
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DarthMarvin97d ago

MS desperately needs to figure its shit out and get HDR working correctly on Windows.

LordoftheCritics97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

It works great.

People dont know how to use their computers.

I have not failed in enabling HDR in any HDR supported game on pc yet. The AAA ones mainly, havent tested indies much.

Even outriders which has a weird HDR method.

Sayai jin97d ago

Same here. People need to get in the weeds with their gaming rigs to fully utilize. I haven't tried Outriders on PC. I will be replaying GoW on PC.

Tacoboto97d ago

Windows does have weird behavior with HDR though, and there are games on PC that exclude HDR but do have it on console. I want to say even Halo MCC is one.

By weird, sometimes I'll turn the toggle on in Windows Display Settings and my monitor's colors will bleed, or a weird grey filter seems to apply. But it resolves itself when I switch to only my secondary monitor and switch back... every time. Then there are game-specific issues, where RE Village would disable HDR if I alt-tab out of it while playing, and its game settings disable the toggle until I relaunch the full game.

But you're right - it does turn on. And each issue I have has a work around. Maybe Windows 11 improves it especially with Auto HDR being a focus from MS.

DarthMarvin97d ago

I'd say it's more 50/50 for if a game actually supports auto-HDR.

Futureshark97d ago

I sense a PS5 £10 upgrade announcement arriving once the PC version is done.

Obelisk9297d ago

Nah, the game already has a PS5 free upgrade. I don't think they'll go with a paid upgrade at this point.

Cockney97d ago

Remember this isn't a native ps5 game so they're comparing pc to ps4 pro at best

XxSPIDEYxX97d ago

Man, really gets you to appreciate the PS4 Pro.

TheKingKratos97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I am loving that system soo much
Playing all the games in 4k with pretty much the same graphics as the ps5 but without the higher fps and i am getting every new game on it

So far ps4 pro + pc combo is the best .. might get ps5 by 2023

melmacj97d ago

I don't know I'm on the fence about this one. The article makes good points. But this is what I know as a gamer of pc, xbox and ps system. I play Sony first party stuff on ps4 and now ps5. I play most 3rd party games on PC because it look and run better. I don't own a Xbox because guess what all their 1st party day one game release is on pc. If Sony move this way because of the Jim Ryan I will consider using PC to play 1st party Sony games too. Put it how you want. Exclusive games on other platform eliminate reason to own the console. Think of those PC gamers who wanted to play god of war and couldn't because it's only on playstation. They would either break and buy or wouldn't buy a playstation. But it was still a potential playstation sale. I know I'm not the majority. But I do see primary pc gamers and alike rejoicing in not having to own a playstation to play playstation games. That's fine but for me better graphics on a RTX 3070 for god of war is a no brainer. Hell they all can stop doing hardware (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) all together and put their games on pc as a universal platform. But you won't sucker me into buying your games twice. It's one or the other. Gaming has really changed and it's a mess. I just remember Sony saying Next Gen meant Next Gen and that PC was their competition. But they're blowing in the wind of Microsoft in fear of getting left behind. Sony I sure hope as a fan you don't get lost.

TheKingKratos97d ago

I am with you
If this is how Sony is going to be moving forward

Then i might beef up my pc a bit more and move away from consoles
I would love that tbh

annoyedgamer97d ago

Thats what I did. Let my XBL expire and packed the Xbox one away. Got a 3070ti and never have to pay for online again.

ShadowWolf71297d ago

I suggest you perhaps listen to Shawn Layden explain why this is happening.

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