Suda51’s Studio Grasshopper Manufacture Has Joined NetEase Games

Grasshopper Representative Director and CEO Goichi Suda confirms the studio has become a subsidiary of China’s gigantic publisher NetEase Games

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FreeckyCake464d ago

Grasshopper Manufacture has been aiming for years to be owned by Nintendo, but I guess after the flop that was NMH3, I guess that's understandable. Still, it's pretty sad that their games may not be as they used to.

Yui_Suzumiya464d ago

Flop?! Where'd you get that from? Lol

FreeckyCake464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

The sales haven't been that good AFAIK. And I know where you came from, NMH is one of my favorite franchises, but the reception the 3rd game has received was quite shocking in comparison to the original. You barely see people talking about the remastered collection on PC.

Edit: @yui_suzumiya
Here's where I got my information from: https://www.nintendoenthusi...

Pancit_Canton464d ago

I'm not surprised that they are getting acquired by a large publisher. I think most of their games are commercial flop.

FreeckyCake464d ago

It's quite sad that they don't hit millions, but their games are high quality. Ngl, Killer is Dead and Killer 7 are a work of art.

Spenok463d ago

Here's hoping that means they make more games with bigger budgets.